Let’s take you to customer support chatbots

Customer service is the new marketing strategy. Brands are more focused on building the customer engagement and satisfaction rate parallel to their product or services.

Because customers are more inclined towards customer service than the product itself. 

61% have moved to other brands because of poor customer service, with nearly 50% having done so far. (Microsoft)

Now the question comes- How can you gain your customer satisfaction? 

There is no magic mantra in that. Customer support Chatbots is the new technique companies adopt in their business strategy to achieve this.

Customer support chatbots are available to the customer whenever they need and provide a probable solution or transfer it to the customer support executives to handle the same.

Let’s Define Customer Support Chatbots in Detail?

A customer support chatbot uses technologies like artificial intelligence(AI), machine learning(ML), and Natural Language Processing(NLP) to understand the human language, intent, behaviors, and speech.

Generally, customer executives have to handle a list of repetitive questions at a time. That is usually impossible for the customer support executives to handle the same. A customer support chatbot is a more probable solution for this. Apart from this, chatbots can also help you automate many of the business operations that need a human workforce to hire.

In general, companies use chatbots to answer repetitive questions or FAQs and automate tasks. With the adoption of AI, chatbots became smarter, and they can be used to analyze the customer’s behavior and make strategic business decisions in the future.

Chatbots are still developing and adopted by many SMEs and even large companies to take their business to a new level.

Chatbots are divided based on some levels. For instance, some chatbots can-

  • Provide answers to predefined questions, 
  • Analyze the intent of the user using machine learning techniques and provide a solution by searching it in the database, 
  • Search based on the keywords in the database and provide answers.
  • Transfer the call to the concerned department based on the intent of the users. 

And similarly, it uses different strategies to answer the user queries and solve the issues. 

If you’re still in doubt, how can you use customer support chatbots in real-time for your companies to enhance customer experience? Let’s discuss out here in detail:

What Can a Customer Support Chatbot Do for Your Business?

customer support chatbot

Companies, who focus on customer service, bring more revenue than their rivals. Chatbots make real-time conversations with the customers, build companies credibility and improve engagement. 

Chatbots are available to your customers even when your team is not available to attend to the customer. Customer support can resolve all the level 1 or 2 queries in a matter of seconds or as per the time gap you have defined. 

If you’re also impressed by the service chatbots provide to your business. Then you must go through these tips. Let’s start!

Enhance the Communication With Chat History

Chatbots can store the chat history of the customers. An automated AI chatbot can analyze the customer’s intent from the chat history stored in the database and reply to the customers. 

Similarly, a live agent can also get to know the purpose of interacting with the company, as they have a chat history and other details readily available to them.

From these details, live agents can quickly resolve the queries with more probable solutions. Or connect it with the concerned department. For this, you must integrate your database with your chatbots to work as per your intent.

If you also want to provide a pleasant experience to your customers on your website, social media platforms or channels, or any other media, customer support chatbots can do this for you. 

Humanize your Brand

When talking about Chatbots, generally, we think it exactly sounds like a robot. But this is not the case with all types of chatbots you deploy; it all depends on the type of vendor and how you customized your chatbots. 

For instance, if you’re providing replies to the customer in just a couple of seconds, they will get to know that the other person with whom they are chatting is a robot. 

Humanizing your brand is one of the most prominent factors that make you different from other brands.

If your customer gets special attention from your executive, they feel more privileged and engage more with your brand. Sounding robotic will create a bit of confusion in the minds of customers whether the information or solution chatbots are providing is appropriate or not.

Chatbots are a secret help to you that can boost your customer loyalty. Chatbots can help customers in many ways, such as being available 24/7, instant responses to queries, redirecting to concerned people, and many more.

Response in No Time

Today’s customer wants a quick reply to their queries, and they don’t want to spend a couple of minutes on your website. If the business fails to provide a reply to the questions, customers will shift to your competitors. With quick responses, you can build customer loyalty with your existing customers.

Chatbots are really a great help for companies to be available to customers when they need quick responses.

Whatever be the time, customers want fast replies, and chatbots can be helpful in this. Irrespective of your executives available to attend them, your chatbots will take care of your customer round the clock.

Chatbots will resolve most of the customer queries and enhance the efficiency of the workforce, and there is no need for customers to visit you personally.

Personalize Suggestions

Not all customers who visit your website or chat with your chatbot come with the same problem. Each one has their different concerns, and definitely, the solution will also be different for them. Customers need a personalized solution for them. 

Chatbots with AI capabilities can understand the customers’ preferences and recommend the product or service they are looking for or the features they are looking for in that product or service.

It will help your customers provide the right path to take them to your product and help them get the right product or service.

Chatbots can even help you in taking feedback, suggestions from your customers. Using that, you can take appropriate actions and make changes in your product or services that please the customers.

You can upsell or cross-sell the product or services using your customers’ chat history or database.

93% of customers go for the same product with the same brand that provides good customer support. (Hubspot)

Customer uspport chatbots are meant to boost up your customer support effectiveness. It can help the customers if you have selected the right vendor for your chatbots. It can improve engagement, provide satisfaction rates, and many more.

Round the Clock Service

If you haven’t adopted the chatbots yet in place of traditional messaging platforms like- phone calls, emails, or live chats, then it’s the right time to deploy chatbots for your business.

Traditional tools can’t fulfill the instant demands of the customer, and they want everything to be resolved quickly. Also, they don’t want to get restricted with time limits to get their queries resolved, and working 24/7 is impossible for your executives; they too need some rest. 

When your brand can’t provide an instant response, the customer doesn’t take a minute to shift your competitors. The only thing that makes you differ from your competitors is chatbots with AI capabilities. 

Chatbots don’t get your customer to divert to your competitors as they will get solutions when they need them.

Consider your Budget Limits

When you’re using chatbots for your business, you’re actually saving 30% of your customer service operational cost. Chatbots can answer every question that comes into customers’ minds and provide proper guidance to the customer in no time. Deploying chatbots for your business is beneficial for customer satisfaction and reducing companies’ operational costs.

Sales Assistants

Customer support chatbots are integrated with the database where the chat history of the customers is stored. Live agents can quickly get access to the chat history and other details of the customers.

Chatbots support the agents with the predefined answers to the live agents by analyzing the customer’s behavior from the database. Cross-selling and up-selling of products are also accessible for the sales executives with chatbots.

Using chatbots, agents can be well prepared to attend to the customer questions with confidence. And engage them with the topic of their interest.

The Right Message to the  Right Person

Chatbots are capable of understanding the chat context. Like humans, chatbots can understand the customer’s intent when chatting with them, and based on the context, they provide the right message to the right person with suitable suggestions. Even they redirect the chat to the concerned department based on the query automatically.

For example: in banks, when we call the IVR system, it asks the basic options, then based on that, they connect you to the concerned department such as loan, credit card, and others. It’s a very efficient way to satisfy your customers with the right solution.

Automate Routine Tasks

In companies, customer support executives need to answer the same questions multiple times to every person. Also, they need to respond with patience if they ask the same question any number of times.

Most of the time, they also need to handle multiple chats at the same time. It’s a tiresome task for the customer support executives to handle. 

Chatbots don’t have such restrictions in performing their duty. Instead, they can handle any number of chats at the same time with the same patience. 

And it frees the customer support executives to handle the complex tasks and find out the probable solutions for that by communicating with higher authorities.

For instance, for booking or reservations in hotels, based on the customer’s preferred dates, customer executives can check the availability and suggest the same to the customers. 

Chatbots give the new scope for the companies to improve their business models and earn more. 

Automate your Social Media Support

People are more adaptive to social media platforms. What if you can reach them where they are more active. Generally, on social media platforms, customers ask for a number of queries that will not get resolved on time. 

Chatbots can resolve this issue for you through automated responses for users. Chatbots are meant to build a strong relationship between customers and brands. With the help of social media chatbots, you can: 

  • Connect with customers more efficiently.
  • Reply to the user request and response in time to improve the experience.

Chatbots are already being deployed in major industries such as – retail, travel, health, entertainment, and more. 

To Conclude

Customer support chatbots help the company in all possible ways to build customer experience and engagement.

Brands that are more active in building customer experience gain more ROI than their competitors. 

To sum up, customer support chatbots benefits are numerous to the chatbots in one or another way.

To leverage the maximum from customer support chatbots, you need to choose the right vendors and technology.

Most of the features are the same in different vendors. And some are unique; you can go for the free trial or compare the feature with respect to your brand’s requirements.

To suggest you, go for SmatBot free trial for 14 days.

You will love it!