Every day, thousands of people benefit from recurring cash inflow by partnering with companies via affiliate programs. There are many different types of affiliate programs – gone are the days of old-school affiliate products as we enter the era of technology. Here, we will explore how affiliate programs work, our best bet right now and the popular affiliate platforms.

But do you know what exactly is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing allows the enterprise to reach out to a larger network of people than they’d imagine.

For example, a company could sell a product on their own to about 20 people and earn 37,000/- whereas marketing through various affiliates could earn them about 2,00,000/- after a 40% cut to the affiliates too. The power of affiliate marketing i.e., referral marketing as it is popularly known uses networks as its underlying force to create success not just for the company but in turn, benefit the affiliate marketer too.


How Common Men Are Earning From Referral Marketing


Who doesn’t love some extra income coming in? Making a passive income has become easier than said with a number of websites offering affiliate programs. 99% of people make passive incomes through referrals.

Affiliate marketing is not get-rich instantly scheme but offers a stable income if your marketing outlet is strong. The steps to becoming an affiliate member differ from company to company. The idea behind affiliate marketing is to promote products of a company where they offer a financial incentive on any product sold. A ‘Revenue-sharing’ model, to be precise. The common steps of an affiliate program are as follows: Join the affiliate program membership, select the products you intend to sell, promote one or more affiliate products, convince potential customers, sell the product, and earn a percentage of commission on the cost on the product.

The best ways to achieve success in affiliate marketing is personal reviews, a blog dedicated to detailed specifications, promoting across all social media platforms, and word of mouth. While there are a number of affiliate marketing sites, it is best to hang on to an upcoming product or technology. Most likely, the product would be new to the customer and your review would be their final call. It is not surprising that technology products are high in demand because buying a piece of the future is a success already for the customer. Tech products available for affiliate programs are innumerable in the market, and here’s the latest find – SmatBot.


How SmatBot Referral Program Works


How many of you have heard of chatbots being the next big thing in the technology world? Well, all of us unless you’ve been living under a rock. Let’s begin with a small introduction to this new product in the market.

SmatBot is a chatbot driven by artificial intelligence and can manage all aspects of a website including lead generation, 24×7 chat support, interactive landing pages, surveys, booking appointments, automating enquiries, and so on. Apart from introducing new features in the product every month, the company has decided to introduce its ‘Referral Program’ to everyone. This program works in a simple manner and the incentives are beyond most other programs.

The referral landing page has two options: To sign up for the affiliate program (and) To login to affiliate dashboard. First-timers have to choose to sign up from where they will be redirected to fill in details. You will receive a unique link that can be shared with potential buyers. That’s it, it’s that simple to start promoting and earning with SmatBot.

The best part?

Every affiliate who sells SmatBot will get a whopping 30% recurring commission every month. There’s also an added bonus every time you close a specified number of customers. Keep in mind, that is not uncommon for customers to buy more than one product at a time. So, in reality, you could earn and double your earnings in a short span of time. If you have a tech-savvy audience looking for further innovations, the SmatBot affiliate program can give a boost.


Popular Referral Marketing Platforms


Here are some of the most popular and sought-after referral marketing platforms:

  1.   ClickBankOne of the most popular referral marketing platforms in recent times, ClickBank provides a stage for both manufacturers as well as digital marketers. Affiliate marketers prefer this platform due to its variety in choice of products and high commissions which sometimes goes up to 75%.



  1.  Amazon AssociatesAs we know it, there’s nothing in the foreseeable future to give Amazon any competition. The Amazon Associates program is directed to promote affiliate marketing with competitive conversion rates. Sign up, choose from over a million products, advertise, earn 10% in advertising fees from qualifying purchases as well as products advertised.


  1.  Market HealthMarket Health has a target audience in the health and beauty industry. Therefore, affiliate marketers in the same niche can find this platform to be rather helpful. It provides referral marketers with tracking software and does a payout every two weeks.



  1.  Warrior Plus It is a helper site which will let you become a Warrior Forum affiliate. More than just having the perks of an affiliate, you will also be allowed to sell your own products and add affiliate programs to them too.



Ultimately, when deciding which affiliate program to sign up for – Know your audience and how much you want to earn. The advantage of technology is that you can create your audience as every customer is striving to fit in with future technology, and nothing could be more futuristic than Artificial Intelligence currently. It helps to know your circle well enough and if they would be attracted to the product you are promoting. There is no limit to the number of affiliate programs you can join. So, go ahead and start making money today!