Smatbot supports multiple languages natively in all the plans. You can make a chatbot in 50+ languages including 10 Indian regional languages which are listed below. And the setup is a cakewalk.

Once you create a new bot, all you have to do is follow the below-given steps to localize your bot If you are not using smatbot yet signup here.

Step 1:

Go to settings in the dashboard of the bot.

dashboard settings

Step 2:

After opening settings select language button.

Goto Settings>Language and click on dropdown between select language.

select language

Note: You can also add multiple languages to your bot and make your bot universal. Check this guide for setting up multiple languages in a single bot

Step 3: Once you click on the dropdown menu

Select the language you want your bot to interact with visitors.

select the language

Step 4:

After selecting your bot language proceed to the setup > flow setup of the bot.

There select the question type you want to ask your visitor in the left panel and click on the edit question icon.

choose question type

Step 5:

After you click on the edit question button you can do either of the below.

A: Type in your question in your desired language if your keyboard supports multi-language typing.

type your question


B: Translate the question in google translator into your desired language and copy it with the copy button on the translator and paste it in the text box shown above.

translate your question

Step 6:

That’s it,

Repeat step 5 for all the questions in questionnaire flow and similarly if you have answers in answering flow in your bot setup.

repeat above steps for all the question

Step 7:

As usual copy the JS script installation code in your head tag of website/blog or copy widget code to install on your app.

Final: Your bot is now up and ready to serve.

Languages supported by SmatBot:

Language                  Code
Arabic                            ar

Bosnian                         bs

Brazilian                        pt

Portuguese                   pt

Bulgarian                      bg

Catalan                         ca

Croatian                        hr

Czech                           cs

Danish                          da

Dutch                            nl

English                         en

Estonian                       et

Finnesh                         fi

French                           fr

German                        de

Greek                            el

Hebrew                         iw

Hungarian                    hu

Indonesian                   id

Italian                            it

Japanese                      ja

Korean                          ko

Latvian                          lv

Lithuanian                    lt

Mongolian                   mn

Norwegian                   no

Polish                           pl

Romanian                    ro

Russian                        ru

Serbian                         sr

Simplified Chinese     zh-CN

Slovene                        sl

Spanish                        es

Swedish                       sv

Traditional Chinese    zh-TW

Turkish                         tr

Vietnamese                 vi

Hindi                             hi

Bengali                        bn

Telugu                          te

Marathi                       mr

Tamil                           ta

Urdu                            ur

Kannada                     kn

Gujarati                       gu

Malayalam                 ml

Punjabi                       pa

Thai                             th

Ukrainian                    uk

Basque                       eu

Irish                            ga