By now you might have read tens of blogs on “How to create a chatbot” and multiple of its variations. Yeah, this is also the same with a bit of twist in it like the title mentions.

Now, coming to our Arabic chatbot, creating a fully AI integrated NLP chatbot in Arabic language is still a farfetch as we lack the necessary and proprietary AI engines in traditional Arabic language.

So, How do you create a chatbot that converses in Arabic Language Which supports RTL(right to left typing)?

Like the title of this blog implies It can be done using our chatbot building platform SmatBot 

You can create a chatbot in Arabic language that follows a Questionnaire flow and qualifies your visitors accordingly and acts as a Lead generation bot using Smatbot in Arabic language.

You can also create ChatBots tailored to specific use cases like Customer Support, Visitor FeedBack, Surveys etc.

And, How do you do that? you may ask.

First you need to create a chatbot using SmatBot’s visual flow builder. You can follow these steps to get started.

Once you create a new bot, all you have to do is follow the below-given steps to set up your bot in Arabic.


How to create an Arabic chatbot:


Step 1

Go to settings in the dashboard of the bot.

Step 2:

After opening settings select the language button.

Goto Settings>Language and click on the dropdown below select language.

Step 3: Once you click on the dropdown menu

Set the language to Arabic

Step 4:

After selecting your bot language proceed to the setup > flow setup of the bot.

There select the question type you want to ask your visitor in the left panel and click on the edit question icon.

Step 5:

After you click on the edit question button you can do either of the below.

A: Type in your question in Arabic language if your system allows you to do so (Or)

How to create arabic chatbot

B: Translate the question in google translator into Arabic language and copy it with the copy button on the translator and paste it in the text box shown above.

Step 6:

That’s it,

Repeat step 5 for all the questions in the questionnaire flow and similarly if you have answers in answering flow in your bot setup.

Step 7:

As usual copy the JS script installation code into your head tag of website/blog or copy widget code to install on your app.

Your bot is now up and ready to serve in Arabic language.



So, Although the advancements we have in AI, NLP & ML are very good and advancing at a very fast pace, having all those for Arabic is still a farfetch. But efforts are being made by young startups to fill that gap and have a proprietary AI engine in Arabic language. Until those efforts give us any tangible results the flow bots are the only option we have right now to maximize our efforts.