Is your business suffering due to poor customer support and slow response time? Maybe a live chatbot is the answer to your problems.

A live chat is the most preferred engagement platform that is leveraged to enhance the customer experience for a company. Most of the credit can be attributed to the human touch approach that makes it personalized to provide an omnichannel experience.


What Is Live Chat and the Need to Re-invent It?

Live chat a.k.a live help is a web-based application that enables enterprises to communicate with their visitors directly in real-time. It provides immediate support and information to customers who require it.

Live chat

While live chat is still widespread, there is a mismatch in customers expectations and chat delivery. Times are changing and live chat can do much better in terms of relying less on human interaction and more on chatbots now.

What was once human-to-human has transformed into a human-to-bot communication (i.e., live chatbot) which translates to a ‘no human intervention’ on live website chats. This reinvention process of the future simplifies the concept of live chat rather than complicating it.


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A live chatbot gains its reputation of being the best live chat tool due to its advantageous features.  You don’t need an entire team of people to make this happen – just one chatbot.

SmatBot, the AI-driven bot can simulate human behaviour and automate your tasks without a real human being present. While the idea seems exciting, most worry about not having coding skills to make this possible and think about how it affects their business while switching to a different platform.

Are you one of them? This is for you.


The Future of Live Chats

According to Gartner, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human by 2020.

Artificial Intelligence is the future and there are no two ways about it. Customers expectations from live chats are extremely high accompanied by little to no patience. This has forced all businesses to increase budgets for customer service teams to thrive in today’s cutthroat competition. Cost to the company has skyrocketed in the hope to engage customers, increase ROI, manage finances and allow ease of use. Businesses have realized that merely having a live chat feature isn’t enough, instead leveraging that feature to improve customer satisfaction rates is the real challenge.

Chatbot Growth statistics

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Therefore, live chatbots are securing a leading position in terms of customer experience. An automated Chatbot can fix problems quickly and learn without constant assistance. The future of customer service has a clear winner. These chatbots can do everything that a human executive does and of course so much more.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the money for any business. The subsequent benefits delivered by AI and chatbots are undeniable with an almost instant ROI on your investment. SmatBot streamlines the business process and aims to target quantifiable and qualitative results while generating value and higher returns. Well, the chatbot doesn’t disappoint in short and long term gains to provide a worthwhile ROI.


Chatbots vs. Humans In Live Chat

A chatbot’s function can help the website visitors at any given point of time without any human assistance. Feeding the basics and existing knowledge into chatbot can help artificial intelligence to approach human-level intelligence. As these bots learn, their understanding of customer’s’ perspective broadens which enables them to give useful and direct answers. A crisp analysis to compare humans with bots:

Lead Generation & Nurturing The regular typing conversations between human-to-human can result in delay of time and make visitors hesitant to share details. Engaging conversations that can be gamified with rich media inputs like GIFs, buttons, etc. A few clicks will reveal most of the visitor’s information. Regular reminders to sales teams for follow-ups.
Availability Status Not available at all times. Can lose a customer if a query isn’t cleared at the right time. Available 24/7, 365 days a year at any point of time to provide support.
Capacity Human-To-Human interaction is one-on-one. They cannot handle more chats at a time. SmatBot can handle multiple chats at a time while engaging each user and responding with equal importance.
Costs Several live chat agents need to be employed to cater to the thousands of support queries daily. The support costs will rise as the company rises. Chatbots are cheaper and easier to install. A single bot can handle all the queries. ROI is maximized.
Time-Saving Training all the onboarded employees is time-consuming, to say the least. Also, onboarding is a series of steps that can go for a few days. Just feed the data and knowledge into the bot, the bot will learn better each day. Installation requires a few hours or lesser.
Ease Of Use A live chat has different interfaces which may make it difficult for the visitor to use. A single interface for all. Additionally, the bot can be trained without additional costs to perform better.
Response Time If customer executive is unavailable or in conversation with another visitor, most likely to go on hold. Instant replies to every question. Barely any response time involved.
CRM Integrations To integrate the conversations or responses recorded, manual integration needs to be done. Provides end-to-end integrations with CRM systems, Google sheets and directly sends alerts to assigned email ID’s.
Uniformity The uniformity in answers is very unlikely as human nature comes into play. Therefore, variations are given in this case. An automated chat where every answer will brand uniformity, unlike human-to-human live chats.

Livechat vs chatbot

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Chatbots prove to be cost-effective as we have already read in the article above. From reducing labour costs and telephone costs to improving employee productivity, they’re a step ahead into the future.  This brings us to the main question: How to set up a free live chat Bot on a website? You do not need coding skills or extra-terrestrial powers. It’s a simple process yet of paramount importance to every business.


How to set up free live Chatbot on your website

Who wouldn’t want to set up a live chatbot? That too for FREE! And Provide excellent customer experience.

Most companies who adopted SmatBot attribute it for its ease of setup and installation process. You wouldn’t deny it after you follow these simple steps below to get your bot up and running:

  1. Sign up with SmatBot on the website
  2. First, choose what type of chatbot need to be created from the available types i.e Lead Generation or Customer support.
  3. Get started with creating a bot of your own on the website. Alternatively, you could also use the preset template bots available in various industries to save on time.
  4. Go to ‘View Setup’, modify your bot and set its various parameters like the theme, font, avatar, etc.
  5. Now, click on ‘Flow Setup’ and program the bot with the questions and answers using our drag and drop builder. (this is the most crucial part of the process and requires you to curate the questions effectively)
  6. You can also create the chatbot in multiple languages. Check for instructions here.
  7. Go to ‘Install’ and install the SmatBot on your website. To install it on your website, there are two options you can choose from:
  • Copy & paste the installation code of the bot in your head section set it up for your website
  • Embed the widget code in website page depending on where the bot should be live


Refer to this help guide for setting up a chatbot with different settings and integrations.


If you are already using a live chat like, you can integrate it with smatbot and have a live chat up even when your customer service executive is offline on tawk to. Check here for the process.

While there are various chatbots in the market, which one should you choose? Assess your needs and capabilities before clinging onto the right chatbot. The right one is where you can customize the bot as per your requirements.

At SmatBot, we are specialists in Artificial Intelligence with our prime focus on chatbots. We have learned the advantages of deploying a chatbot that tends to have a high impact on overall customer experience. Our preset templates in various industries allow businesses to save on time and ease up the process. To ensure the growth of every company, we work together with clients and customize the chatbots as per their needs while we take care of the nuances in technology.