The evolution of the social media giant Facebook has changed our everyday relationships. The meteoric rise of Facebook has reached a point where it boasts of more than half of the planet being its customers. Rewinding to a few years back, Facebook launched its messenger application for messaging purposes and along with it came the messenger chatbots.

The shift from emails, SMS, phone calls has brought the consumer wave closer to mobile-friendly apps like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, and iMessage. So, there’s no denying the fact that these apps have become the marketing channels involuntarily as enterprises tend to gravitate towards consumers preferences.


Facebook Messenger chatbots Statistics


The natural appeal of Facebook and its Messenger is immensely huge – easy-to-use and instinctive. This has enabled lead generation to transform into a rather seamless process when it comes to Facebook. Currently, Facebook allows you to create campaigns with a lead generation objective which contains an ‘instant form’ for consumers to fill in their contact details. But do we hear that chatbots have entered this space too?

Filling in forms can be difficult, so an alternative lead generator had to be in place, and chatbots have come to the rescue. These automated AI-driven chatbots are poised to do all the functions of chat and more. Facebook messenger chatbots are driven by artificial intelligence software to communicate with customers in an engaging manner. The messenger bots will understand the query being directed to them and will respond in a manner that emulates a human.

Automated messenger bots possess the potential to revolutionize businesses by improving customer service, marketing, and sales divisions.  Chatbots in their formative years are progressive enough that as they develop further and with many companies leveraging them already, they’re likely to overpower most technologies that exist today.

There are a number of ways to deploy messenger chatbots on Facebook and use them for leads conversion. The two most common ways to implement the Facebook messenger chatbot for lead generation are:

  • Website Chatbot – This is a simple fundamental AI-driven chatbot that is placed on the business website. The placement of the chatbot can be decided upon where customers would most likely look at when the landing page appears. An easy-to-access button is the most important attribute to allow the visitor to interact seamlessly. Once the customer clicks on the chatbot that is deployed on the website, an engaging conversation strikes up between the customer and the bot. If the user’s Facebook account happens to be open at the same time, the chatbot draws in details such as Name, Gender, Locale automatically and the details are sent through messenger API. The chatbot can further engage with the customer by asking questions regarding their email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Although it is upto the customer to disclose these details, messenger chatbot allows for a broadcasting feature to subscribed users.


Smatbot Messenger Chatbot


  • Facebook Ads – These ads which Facebook allows every business to advertise can enable ‘Call-to-action’ buttons. These buttons include ‘Send message’, ‘Call now’, ‘Learn More’, etc and when a visitor clicks on these and makes their first interaction, they get converted into subscribed users. Whenever someone clicks on a Facebook ad, the chatbot redirects the user to the messenger app and starts a conversation. It is up to the user to converse back or not.


Facebook Messenger chatbot ads


Facebook messenger chatbots allow for business to make quick contacts and accelerate the lead generating process. The click-through rates have been experiencing an exponential rise in the case of Messenger chatbots which sets its apart from the declining email marketing. The advantage of an instant lead capture adds on to the many benefits like automated replies, personal replies to comments on every post, etc.

So, with just a few taps, any customer can get the information they want and the business generates a well-qualified lead for their business. Facebook Messenger marketing is a huge marketing channel to reap benefits from and when combined with the suitable chatbot, its potential influences every sector – eCommerce, Consultants, Brick and Mortar stores, Event companies, and many more. It’s easy, fast and cost-effective.

Note: Choose a chatbot that entirely fits your business needs.

SmatBot is an Artificially Intelligent chatbot that offers preset templates and allows Facebook integrations. With its massive reputation and benefits, the process of generating leads is only going to be less complex. Did I tell you every aspect of the SmatBot is customizable, right from chatbot avatar to the placement of the text? And they have a detailed help guide for you to get started with.