Real estate chatbot is not new for realtors, like other industry chatbots deployed by the real estate industry. In 2016, giant companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft already developed their chatbots to leverage from it. 

With the massive development in chatbots from these past years, chatbots have become a must-have business element to run business operations smoothly. The real estate industry has no exception for that.

The companies who deployed chatbots in their Real estate industry have an awesome experience, and their customers are more engaged with them. Especially, when they deploy Whatsapp chatbots. Lets see an example here:

With Real estate chatbots, the selling or buying experience has completely changed; people are more confident when going with the chatbots. 

Artificial intelligence technology has given a boost to the chatbots to design it more effectively.

Conversational chatbots have a deep learning algorithm that can understand human intent, and natural language processing can understand the human language and reply accordingly.

Unlike traditional chatbots, modern chatbots can understand the intent, interest, behavior, and emotions to respond to the customers. It may even be difficult for humans to understand who they are talking with a human or a chatbot. 

Why Must Realtors Go for Real Estate Chatbots?

Why Real-estate chatbots

The real estate industry is a vast industry with good returns. Generally, realtors have so many tasks to carry out, such as-

  • Collecting a list of prospects & buyers,
  • Contacting them, answering their queries,
  • Scheduling appointments, following them,
  • Arranging the sales pipeline,
  • Closing deals,
  • Negotiation process,
  • And many more.

To carry out these tasks by a single person is a tiresome task, and you need manpower. With chatbots, most of the tasks will be handled automatically by the chatbots.

You need to carry out only the meetings with the clients and answer complex queries; the chatbots take all basic levels and questions related to that property.

Even chatbots ask the customers to talk to the experts or provide the necessary source to get information from it.

You can customize your real estate chatbots based on various factors such as-

  • Lead Generation for Real Estate Professionals
  • Lead Generation for Property Dealers
  • Hotel Guests’ Feedback over a chatbot
  • Developers chatbot
  • Chatbot for buyers and sellers
  • Chatbot for real estate agents
  • Builders Chatbots
  • Chatbot for luxury home developers

Consider an example- When someone is looking to buy or sell their property. In both these situations, they need quick replies.

Dealing with this can be quite tricky for the realtors; at a time, the realtors need to handle their clients at different sales pipeline levels.

Also, they need to pay special attention to every client in handling their queries also; it’s a very time-consuming process.

Moreover, realtors need to be ready with a list of prospective clients in the real estate industry to have a promising pipeline in place as time passes. 

In order to overcome such situations, most of the realtors started leveraging online opportunities like conversational AI chatbots.

Most buyers and sellers are looking for properties online; it can be a better opportunity for the realtors to understand their needs before approaching them and providing the right solution.

Chatbots can be really helpful to them, it can handle all the basic levels of level1 and level 2 queries and even direct you to the right person to discuss further.

It can help your visitors provide the right direction based on their expectations and convert leads into customers.

What are The Various Use Cases of Real Estate Chatbots?

use cases of real estate chatbots

1. Better Time Management

Chatbots are a real game-changer for realtors. Realtors have so much to deal with and with special attention.

Dealing with all clients at different levels of their sales pipeline can be difficult for them. Chatbots can save your time by answering all the frequently asked questions and saves lots of time.

In this regard, realtors can only focus on closing the deals instead of spending time answering FAQ’s. 

Even realtors can access the database and chat history of chatbots with clients based on that information; they can understand the concern of the buyers/sellers and get back to them with a more probable offer to them and close the deal without a miss.

It also saves the manpower needed to answer basic queries, and additionally, chatbots can answer the same questions any number of times until the customer gets satisfied. 

Generally, people find themselves more comfortable with the answers of the chatbots as they provide exact answers to their queries.

If they don’t find the answer they ask the customers to switch to the live chat or human agent or give any relevant source where they can get an answer for that.

2. Real-Time Enquiry

With the rapid automation and quick replies, customer demands also took a new height. People don’t want to wait to get a reply to their queries; they switch to another source to get the same. 

Chatbots have become real-time assistance to website visitors. A chatbot pop-up appears to them; they can get quick replies to their queries and the property they are inclined to without the need to wait for any human agents.

3. Available 24×7

It’s nearly impossible for the realtors to handle all the clients with the same patience at the same time when they all have different questions.

And they don’t have options too to be patient with the customers, and it all became a daunting task for the realtors to handle the situation. It may end up being lost for customers that realtors can’t afford.

Every prospect or customer in real-estate business values a lot in the real-estate business. From single customers, they can earn a good profit.

Availability of 24/7 chatbots can be beneficial for the realtors; chatbots can answer the customers outside of operational times.

4. Better Engagement

The pamphlet advertising system in the traditional days for the real-estate business is no longer attracting clients nowadays.

The information provided in pamphlets is not satisfying the clients; they need extra to make decisions.

Chatbots can be really helpful during this; chatbots with AI and natural language processing systems can understand the clients’ intent and provide all the additional information that clients need that can help them in closing the deal.

Also, customers feel confident when they get instant replies to all their queries on a single platform. Clients will be more engaged with the chatbots as it’s fast in answering and available round the clock.

5. Automate your Follow-Up Process

Realtors generally don’t find time to follow up on prospects to convert the leads. And they lose most of their sales because of this.

Chatbots can be really helpful to them in this regard; they can follow up with all the prospects and help them in clearing their doubts via the channel they prefer or most visit.

Even chatbots help the prospects to schedule an appointment with the realtors or visit a property.

They consent from the prospects/clients to send notifications via text/email or any other preferred mode.

6. History of Interaction

In the traditional days, realtors used to maintain the records of their clients /prospects on paper. It is an unimaginable situation when realtors need to search for clients interested in particular properties. With chatbots, you have lots of opportunities that can close deals easily. Consider, for example-

Chatbots can save chat history with every visitor/prospect/client in the database. By accessing that, they can easily get to know which property is in more demand and its reason. Based on the demand of the property, you can deal with the clients. Also, you can segment the audience based on the type of property they are looking for and run campaigns to attract or remarket the same.

7. 360 Degree Virtual Tours

Most of the clients, even after they scheduled a visit, will not come to see. It can waste the time of realtors, and they may lose the other potential clients who didn’t get the slot to visit the site. Chatbots have even solutions for this; using chatbots, clients can do virtual tours of the site. It gives the proper idea of how the property is even before they visit a site.

8. Schedule Property Viewings

When the prospect is satisfied with the property after going through a virtual tour of the property and getting all other information. You can easily schedule the visit to prospects using chatbots

also remind the prospects of the planned date. It will save the time of realtors in connecting with the clients for scheduling or rescheduling visits to the property. 

9. User-Specific

Chatbots save the chat history in the database, which will help the realtors to segment the prospects based on the type of property they are looking for.

Unlike in traditional days, where realtors collect all this information via lengthy forms, that’s a time-consuming process, and people end up filling those forms.

The collected information also helps the realtors use data for various marketing strategies and understand the clients’ intent and preferences.

This information also helps the customers reach the clients prepared with the right offers to the prospects, save time, and quickly get converted into leads. 

10. Payment Reminders

Chatbots even send notifications to the clients in paying their EMI or lumpsum amount due dates.

Manually going to client places and reminding them or calling customers is tedious because they are busy with other prominent tasks.

11. Document Submission

Chatbots are very secure, and the complete information is encrypted end-end. So when you ask clients to send their documents on chatbots, they might hesitate because of the concern of their privacy and security of the document.

But realtors, when they include and clearly explain all the privacy and security of their company, clients can easily share their documents on chatbots.

It’s also a most convenient method for the clients to share the same then submitting it by coming to the office. 

Apart from the above-discussed use cases, you have many direct or indirect benefits of real-estate chatbots that can help the realtors carry out the whole operation smoothly.

Real Chatbot Benefits

Real estate chatbots benefits


When we talk about chatbots, people generally consider chatbots to be deployed only on websites, not the case of chatbots.

You can deploy in Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, and many other platforms and channels. 

Additional Functionality

Chatbots can collect additional information apart from the details which chatbots collect during interaction with the clients/prospects.

Additional information like- location of the prospects form where they contacted you, The page URL, the page from which the bot invoked and the source from which clients reached your website chatbot, and much more information.

Multi-Language Support

Language has no bar when we go for chatbots. Chatbots can answer the queries of the clients/prospects in the preferred language of the clients/prospects.

It can improve the personalized experience of the customer.

Direct Database Entry & Integration with CRM

Collecting chat history and other information of the clients /prospects becomes easy with the chatbots.

You can directly feed all this information to the database or CRM Data handling without any knowledge of coding.

At SmatBot, we have worked on various complex use cases and helped our clients achieve various milestones. Most of our clients improved their customer engagement and satisfaction rate to high, improved lead generation, and enhanced sales pipeline. 

By leveraging the various advanced features of conversational AI chatbots, Our SmatBot team comes with a solution to complex use cases while addressing FAQs and customer support.

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