Modi Builder’s achieved 30% increase in Appointment Booking with SmatBot

Modi Builder’s achieved 30% increase in Appointment Booking with SmatBot


Modi Builders & Realtors Pvt Ltd is a leading construction and property development company in Hyderabad. Founded in December 1999, the company boasts over 30 years of experience.

With 15 large projects totalling around Rs 7000 Crores, they prioritise quality. They take a “Customer First” approach and offer competitive pricing through in-house construction on company-owned land. 

Modi Builders is the epitome of innovation in the fastest-growing real estate sector. They leverage cutting-edge chatbot technology to enhance customer experience. 

This case study explores how Modi Builders embraced the power of a real estate chatbot, leading to a transformation in their interactions with prospects and customers.

Modi Builders’ Journey and Experience with SmatBot

In this case study, we will explore how Modi Builders evaluated various chatbot features, identified their priorities, and executed the key use cases of a real estate chatbot within their organisation. Additionally, it is worth noting that Modi Builders has ChatGPT-enabled customer support.

Understanding Requirements

To gain insights into their requirements and experiences with our chatbot services, we interacted with Aruna, Modi Builders GM of Sales & Marketing. 

Important Factors to Consider While Evaluating a Chatbot

In our discussion with the Modi Builders team, we focused on the aspects the company considers when evaluating chatbot solutions.

They highlighted key aspects such as accuracy, prompt response times, user-friendly interfaces, multilingual support, integration capabilities, personalisation features, adaptability, robust security measures and cost considerations. 

Learned About Their Key Use Cases 

After clearly understanding their needs, we then explored the key use cases of the real estate chatbot within their organisation.

Here’s how SmatBot impacted Modi builders’ Business operations.

As discussed with the Modi Builder team, we learned that our chatbot plays a pivotal role within their organisation, handling customer support, FAQs, and issue resolution.

After adopting our chatbot services, we discovered that it has played a key role in generating leads, qualifying prospects, managing appointments and making their operations more efficient. 

Positive Impacts and Improvements

We learned that the integration of a chatbot has made a big difference for Modi Builders. They’re available 24/7. This makes it easy for prospects to inquire about their properties at any time. 

Furthermore, the real estate chatbot helps generate leads by identifying potential clients and scheduling property viewings. This makes customer interactions more efficient. 

Additionally, the chatbot’s instant response capability is like the cherry on the cake. It has not only enhanced user satisfaction but also streamlined issue resolution. Personalized help assists users in finding properties that best suit their preferences.

Quantifiable Results

Finally, we inquired about the most important question. We wanted to know about the measurable impact of our chatbot on their business.

We discovered that the implementation of a conversational chatbot on their website for marketing campaigns resulted in a 30% increase in appointment bookings, a 25% growth in leads, and issues being resolved five times faster than before. Moreover, this innovative approach led to an impressive 9.25% increase in site visits.

Modi Builders’ Future Plans for Chatbot Implementation

Modi Builders has plans to enhance real estate chatbot features, focusing on delivering more personalised property recommendations. 

Additionally, the company aims to offer advanced virtual tour assistance. Furthermore, Modi Builders intends to integrate emerging technologies, planning to use augmented reality to provide a superior user experience.

This incredible product offers must-have features such as live chat, CRM, and a multi-language bot. I highly recommend it to everyone


Modi Builders has embraced our real estate chatbot. This enables them to offer personalised and timely responses to customer queries. The chatbot is also able to generate quality leads. In addition, it encourages customers to schedule site visits and facilitates transactions at any time. This has resulted in improved customer satisfaction and overall experience.

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