Over the past few years, chatbots have become a fairly important lead generation tool. They have managed to make their way into all major sectors, online shopping being the most prominent of them. Amazon, for instance, has a robust ‘messaging assistant’ (chatbot) that answers any queries that one may have related to their products.

Most businesses now have a chatbot along with dedicated customer service to engage with their visitors, and real estate businesses are on the same bandwagon. However, chatbots are not merely a trend; they are highly beneficial which is why they are being co-opted by brands in a myriad of sectors across the globe. To know more about the benefits of chatbots, click here.

SmatSocial‘sSmatBot provides a holistic approach to your automation needs. You can read about all its features in detail here. From welcoming the people visiting your website to taking down their information for future use, SmatBot acts as a true companion and helps by sharing the workload.


Given below are some of the reasons why using chatbots is becoming increasingly popular in the real estate sector:


One of the most beneficial characteristics of a chatbot is that it allows you to correspond with your audience at all time. The round-the-clock customer service provided by chatbots is easily the most sought after trait in the field. Their 24×7 online presence enables them to interact with your customers at any given time of the day, from anywhere in the world. More often than not, when people have to wait for answers, they just forget about the question and move on to other things. This translates into a lost opportunity for conversion. Chatbots prevent this by instantaneously providing your customers with as much information as possible. Chatbots can help you disseminate reliable information about your business even outside of regular working hours, thus eliminating the need to wait for a real estate agent to answer the queries.

As shown below, you can easily programme SmatBot to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) for you in a hassle-free manner. 


This feature provides customers with an immediate answer without having to look for one on your website. You can further programme your bot to not only provide information about a property that a customer might be interested in but also taking down their information for your agent to follow up on.

Immediate Response:

In the age of instant noodles and 30 minutes pizza delivery, no one likes to wait. In fact, no one has to wait because when you are making your customers wait, there are at least a dozen of your competitors who aren’t. Therefore, a prompt response is certainly a game changer. Chatbots are very well suited for the same. They can not only engage a visitor in a conversation but can also convert them into a viable lead by asking and answering relevant questions. They can then provide the visitors with pertinent information that they seek.


Information Gathering:

Every time your chatbot has a conversation with a visitor, it procures information on your behalf. This information is nothing but lead generation. The bot can keep asking questions, thus filling the database with information relevant to your business. You can programme SmatBot to ask a question when providing an answer to a previous question thus helping with your quest for information.


Schedule Appointments:

Besides gathering information and generating leads, chatbots can help you with fixing a meeting with potential clients. They can do this by first providing information about the realtor that is assigned to the property that the visitors are interested in and then asking them for a suitable time to schedule the appointment. The bot can then make a note of the date and time provided by the visitors and notify the assigned agent. You can use SmatBot to schedule appointments for you instead of a customer service employee or a realtor.


Marketing Campaign CTA:

Call to Action is one of the ways to direct the attention of your website visitors or social media followers to where you want. Chatbots can help you with the same by asking your website visitors to follow them on social media, contact property agent, or subscribe to the newsletter. Chatbots bring a new twist to the CTAs by making the calls interactive. As shown below, you can use SmatBot to encourage visitors to connect with you on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp.

SmatBotChat Bots - SmatBot

Wrap Up:

Dissenters of incorporating chatbots in your customer services strategy say that they can never replace humans. While that is true, chatbots are not designed to replace the human part of your customer service. They are not meant as a substitute for humans but as a helping hand. They provide your potential clients with necessary engagement and information when the employees are off the clock and sometimes even when they are on the clock. Chatbots act as a safety net to prevent yours from missing out on any lead.