AI is no longer an option for businesses to provide a hyper-personalized, exceptional customer experience.  

Customer satisfaction and retention play a vital role in this competitive world. And this is not something that is hidden from the mind of entrepreneurs. 

Most well-known brands depend on AI to automate and enhance their CRM. 

AI-enabled chatbots are well-known ways businesses interact with their customers and improve customer retention rates. 

Due to this, AI technology is gaining popularity among marketers and sales professionals. And It has become a vital tool for brands in overcoming the challenges to fulfill the customers’ demands. 

Thus, AI technology is a welcome one in a mobile-friendly world wherein gaining access and completing tasks is just a matter of the touch of a button. All these touchpoints result in more data collection about customers. 

AI is revolutionizing businesses, specifically changing how companies handle their daily tasks. It more probably depends on the chatbots and CRM platforms.

By 2035, AI technologies are expected to improve business productivity by up to 40%. Accenture

When we start talking about the applications of AI-enabled chatbots, it’s a never-ending task. Let’s focus on some in this article.

Benefits of Investing in the AI-enabled Chabot’s for Customer Experience

Let’s start here-

1. Ensure a Seamless Hybrid Support

Using AI-enabled Chatbots will have the option to interact with both humans and bots, or you can choose anyone.

It all depends on the type of businesses you have and which one to choose.

For example- 

Most of the queries are repetitive, and deploying chatbots for such questions is the best option. Similarly, in some cases, where human presence is important to resolve complex queries, and in Some bots, it can be used to understand the customer’s needs and transfer them to the respective department.

Hybrid support helps the brands overcome most of the challenges they generally face in handling customer issues. 

2. Provide Instant Support

Customers no longer want to stand in a queue to complete their tasks; they want everything instant. Chatbots can be of great help in such cases in satisfying their needs. 

Chatbots can help you in various situations to deliver the appropriate response and are available to customers when they are in need. 

Hence, bots can be used as the first point of contact to the customer and resolve queries instantly, and only complex issues are left over to the humans. 

If you handle a business where most of the tasks are repetitive, opting for AI-enabled chatbots is the best option to build your customer experience. 

3. AI-Enabled Chatbots Give a Better Experience

Chatbots on your website or social media platforms can help you address the customer’s needs in real-time. Instant responses make your customer inclined more towards your brand.

67% of customers expect to use messaging apps when interacting with a business. (ChatbotMagazine)

AI-enabled chatbots can understand the needs of the customers from the database. Chatbots can understand the urgency of the issue based on the fact; they can prioritize the task and send it to the respective department. 

It also helps the customer schedule a chat/call to the respective department to meet their needs without any delay.

4. Attain easy scalability

In most businesses, customer queries volume is not the same at all times. For example: in different seasons, the queries volume will differ. Companies need to hire extra customer care executives to meet the need to handle the same. 

It will increase the cost; businesses can overcome this challenge by deploying chatbots. Once the chatbots are trained as per the season and behaviour, interest, and other aspects of the customer, they automatically respond to the customer. 

Even chatbots suggest the customers with relevant links and products based on their query and cross-sell them. 

You can use both live chat and chatbots to handle the traffic of the customer queries with complete satisfaction of the customer.

5. Shorten the Count of Support Tickets

Depending only on humans for customer support may result in unresolved queries that increase the rise of previous tasks. 

Deploying AI-enabled chatbots helps you automate most repetitive tasks such as order status, delivery time, terms of services, and many other things. 

Not resolving the customer queries on time will badly impact the customer experience, and more probably, they tend to switch to the competitors. 

It is something that no business can afford. The only solution to gain trust and improve customer experience is to deploy chatbots that can work 24/7 for your business, even on festivals and occasions when your staff count is less.

The other important benefit of chatbots is that a chatbot can deliver an accurate response to the customer queries, which will skip the number of tickets raised due to inappropriate support or solution to the issue.

You can easily program or customize your chatbot according to your business needs. Many chatbot vendors provide an option to select the elements you need to make your chatbot work for your business. One such chatbot example is SmatBot.

6. Lessen Customer Support Cost

Unlike humans, chatbots can handle multiple queries without compromising the quality of service. It is something business needs to compromise with human agents. A single chatbot can work numerous tasks and save time and cost for the additional workforce or maintain a robust support infrastructure.

Handling customer queries parallel will save time, and more questions get resolved in a given time frame.

You can train the chatbot for the repetitive and FAQs with appropriate responses to lessen the cost incurred due to cost per chat.

7. AI-enabled Chatbots Collect Real-time Feedback 

Taking customer feedback through chatbots is much easier than the traditional way of filling the form or answering questionnaires. With chatbots, businesses can take feedback between conversations or at the end of the chat. You can program your chatbot the way you need to improve the customer experience. 

Collecting the various forms of feedback of product/service from customers is easy with chatbots. Customers won’t even realize they are giving their feedback to the businesses as it comes in the middle of their chat. 

Even this data helps businesses improve their product or service or take future decisions. 

You can even use this data to take preliminary information before interacting with the user to redirect the customers to the right representatives. 

In addition, the way chatbots take feedback is interactive, quick, and easy at any stage of the customer journey. All that collected information helps the businesses know the areas of development and easily make future investments or decisions.

8.  AI-Enabled Chatbots Provide Omnichannel experience

AI-enabled chatbots are capable of handling customer information across various channels. It means supporting agents don’t need to explain the issue while transferring the data. They will have the complete information and status of the customer issue. They continue from the middle, saving time for both customers and agents. 

It helps businesses to provide an omnichannel experience to the customers. It also improves the level of customer engagement with the brand.

9. AI-Enabled Chatbots for Hyper-Personalization

Chatbots collect the complete information of the customers, and they can analyze the issue and based on that, they provide a solution. AI-enabled chatbots deliver content that is specific to the customer.

AI-enabled chatbots helps businesses to overcome the challenges encountered by traditional companies. 

That is asking to re-confirm a phone number or re-explain the issue to multiple agents or looking into tons of pages to search for the right information, and it is something frustrating to the customers. Businesses also need to put extra effort into sending content to the same customer multiple times.

AI-enabled chatbots can also help businesses identify their pain points and work on them across the customer journey. Hyper personalization can facilitate a more personalized and consistent customer experience. 

10. Enhance the productivity of customer support agents

Deploying chatbots for your business enhances the quality and efficiency of the customer support team.

To your surprise, chatbots can help agents handle three times more priority tasks. At the same time, they are handling the FAQs and repetitive tasks automatically. 

More importantly, chatbots can provide 24/7 service and save time for the agents in addressing complex issues.

11. Automate Your Social Media Support

Social media has become a vital medium for businesses to interact with customers.

Most customers are now inclined to social media channels for engagement and customer support. 

Hiring an executive to handle social media channels will be costly, but you can overcome this challenge with chatbots. Chatbots can automatically respond to customers on social media platforms.

Social bots can easily carry a conversation with users in resolving their issues. Social bots help businesses build stronger relationships with customers by delivering targeted content and analyzing behaviour intentions.

Thus, you can take action to the user’s request and comments on time to improve the experience.

12. Minimize IVR Frustrations

IVR system for customer support is something underrated by the customer. Not many customers want to reach brands on IVR because it takes time, and many times they are routed to the wrong department, hang-up calls, limited options available, etc.

Chatbots can be of great help in overcoming the challenges faced by the customers with the IVR system.

13. Stay Available 24×7 

Indeed consumers expect a shorter response time from brands and are available all the time. 

Also, the most differentiating factor for businesses is fixing the customer’s issues in the first contact to retain customers.

It’s one of the primary reasons businesses go for chatbots to deliver round-the-clock service. Chatbots help companies be available to customers when they are in need, and it improves the satisfaction and loyalty of the customer towards brands. 

Also, chatbots hold good knowledge about with whom they are talking and provide appropriate responses for every query. 

46% of customers will leave a brand if employees are not knowledgeable. (PwC)

Expertise your Support Team and Delight Customers with AI-Enabled Chatbots

AI is an undeniable part of businesses providing instant and timely customer support, and AI-enabled chatbots completely change how businesses interact with their customers.

With the popularity of AI-enabled chatbots in businesses, it is easy for companies to put extra effort into hiring software professionals or buying advanced software.

Likewise, AI-enabled chatbots also help businesses reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction and retention. 

Moreover, chatbots are ever-growing technologies and advancing exponentially to sound similar to humans in understanding the emotions of the humans and response similar to users language.

Hope you have understood how important AI-enabled chatbots are for businesses. If you’re looking to deploy such one, you can contact the Smatbot team; they are glad to help you in all possible ways.

Now you can even try a 14-day free trial for your business.