Automobile chatbot is not new for the automobile industry. They have adopted chatbots a long back in multiple ways. Let say, for instance- as an official guide to car buyers.

As robots are already used by the large automated factories in building cars across the globe. Chatbots are now being used for many other purposes that can improve the overall experience of car dealers and automobile industries.

Automobile chatbot have a list of use cases in the automobile industry. Let’s list some of them out here:

  • Suggest cars to the buyers based on their preferences.
  • Compare car models
  • Suggest test drives
  • Schedule drives 
  • Assist post-sales
  • Send reminders for servicing their vehicles.

Like other industries, the automobile industry needs to fulfill the customers’ demands and satisfy them even after the sales.

In the automobile industry, customers will not get converted to sales immediately; they go through a list of the process before buying. They will compare all the features of the car in the market with a close price to it.

Consider the brand name, service it provides returns if they want to sell it back, insurance availability, additional benefits a car offers, and many more. 

With these, you can say the automotive industry has massive competition in the market. As the technology develops, the options available to the customers and fast-changing automobile industry trends all lead to many opportunities for customers, leading to confusion in customers about which one to purchase.

Also, a suite of historic and current elements continues to force builders to shift their line-ups and adopt different ways to sell them.

Let’s say an example-

In the automobile industry, customers can change their minds at any point in time before the sale. A good offer can deviate them from buying immediately.

Due to this, the automotive industry must be available to the customers round the clock, assisting and following them and making them feel special with a personalized customer experience.

These you can’t do with the sales executive, because they won’t be available all the time to assist customers.

In this regard, Whatsapp chatbot can be of great help to them-Let’s see an example below.

automobile chatbot on Whatsapp

Whenever they get any doubt or confusion in mind with the offer provided, they can get clear.

Customers no need to wait for the availability of car dealers to get answers to their questions; they can get instant replies to their queries.

In this way, it will be easy for the automobile industry to boost sales and remove the hindrances that stop the customers from purchasing.

For example- Using Whatsapp chatbots is more flexible for the customers to interact with the companies.

Let’s know-

Why You Must Go for Automobile Chatbot Based on Some Statistics?

The chatbot industry has already gained a good go in the market for many factors. Let’s discuss out here-

  • As per Capgemini’s survey, less than 50% of automotive companies use AI-enabled chat or voice support to engage their customers better. In the same study, almost 70% of the customers prefer more automotive deals online than visiting the offline stores for queries and other details. 
  • A recent survey found that 80% of customers are more inclined towards instant messaging to interact with businesses, and 66% of customers prefer messaging via any other communication channel.

Before knowing the benefits of the automobile industry, let’s understand-

How Does the Automobile Chatbot Work for the Automobile Industry/Car Dealers?

How does automobile chatbots for car dealers

Big organizations already deploy chatbots by developing their own. With the awareness of massive benefits and use cases of chatbots for various industries, chatbots are being deployed by SMEs and large organizations.

You can even find a list of vendors in the market that help develop chatbots for your business in a customized way. 

They are in the developing stage, and within a short span, they gained a good market and developed a lot.

Along with other technologies like AI, NLP, machine learning, and deep learning, chatbots are doing great work for every industry in developing the overall efficiency of their business.

You have many types of chatbots in the market that work based on different levels of understanding.

Let’s say, for example-

Some can handle level 1 and level 2 queries and transfer the complex queries to the human agent. Others can understand the behavior and preference of the customer and suggest deals accordingly.

Some of the other chatbots consider keywords, search them in the database and reply appropriately.

Most of the vendors have predefined templates for various industries specific to them. You can choose the templates that best suit your business, and if you need any additional features, you can ask them to code them for you. In predefined templates, you can select-

  • The number of agents
  • The theme of your choice
  • Colors to use 
  • Position of chatbot to place on the website
  • Questions pattern to follow and sub-flows questions
  • Add avatar
  • Time zone selection for scheduling a test drive
  • Integration with various devices and platforms like Salesforce, FreshDesk, Zoho CRM, and many more.
  • You can integrate with multiple social media platforms and channels like- Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, and many more. 
  • Video or audio call on chatbot
  • Skip questions
  • Notification, a reminder to the customers, and many more.

The Chatbot Performs All These Integrations Using Components Like –

Admin Panel:

A dashboard that displays the chat history, active chats, contacts extracted from chats, live chats and many more.

Chatbot Plugin:

It provides the interface to handle every query raised and respond to it. It’s installed on the platform where the bot is to be placed. 

Bot Engine:

It acts as the brain of the automobile chatbot that uses NLP, deep learning, and machine learning to get insights from user queries and convert them to appropriate intent. 

Backend API:

The API server connects with the frontend plugin, accepts incoming queries, processes them, and delivers appropriate responses. 

Let’s Now Jump to the Benefits of Automobile Chatbots:

Boost Lead Generation

Unlike in traditional days, collecting preferences of the customers via forms, chatbots can easily interact with bots and engage them. With the mechanism chatbots use, it will be easy for the customers to get their queries solved easily in no time.

That encourages the customers to easily submit their details and preferences, which leads to better lead generation and enhances the customer experience.

Updated with Customer Experience

Automobile chatbot can collect all the necessary information from the customers that may help the automobile industry understand user preference, interest, behaviors, and many more aspects.

All this information allows the automobile industry to consider and deploy the same in their upcoming projects/car designings. Also, it helps both the customers and industry to meet their needs.

Customers will get customized designs for their car, and for dealers, they will get more sales.

Automobile chatbots collect information like- user name, device type, type of design, total users, area, preferences, expected date of purchase, and many more.

Even car dealers use this information to upsell or cross-sell the products effectively.

Market Product to Large Audience

Reaching a large audience is very crucial for the automobile industry to fulfill its business needs. Marketing to a large audience is very costly if you follow other marketing techniques.

Besides that, you can also run SMS, Email, and PPC marketing campaigns and keep track of the user’s analytics in real-time. Chatbots can serve many purposes to car dealers marketing and even assisting the customers in getting the car of their choice in their budget.

For example, an automobile chatbot can be used to book test drives, get user analytics, generate leads, and answer user queries. 

Maintain Customer Security

Chatbots go through a set of security features that helps to authenticate the details provided by the users. It also takes consent from the users before using their details for marketing or any other purpose by the car dealers—for example- inbuilt OTP verification.

24/7 Sales Assistant 

Customers don’t want to wait for a response from the brands. Instead, they shift to the other vendors. Car dealers can’t afford to miss a single lead, so being available to customers at every time is a somewhat daunting task without the help of automotive chatbots.

Automobile chatbots help customers answer their queries in no time in their free time and even connect them with the sales executives or manager based on the customer requests.

Send Reminder for Servicing

Chatbots automatically send reminder reminders to the customers for services. Even help them about details required to repair their vehicles.

It makes the customer feel privileged and, in turn, improves the customer satisfaction rate, and they may suggest or market your brand in their network. 

Increased Capacity

Chatbots at a time can handle multiple queries with appropriate responses. Chatbots will not get frustrated or distracted if they receive multiple queries at the same time very smoothly they can deal with the customers.

It increases the capacity of your customer support in handling more questions and engaging customers.

Personalized Support

Automobile chatbots, with the collected information they can get better insights into the Customers.

And before interacting with customers directly, they can have enough information to grab the customers’ attention and provide them the right offer for a vehicle based on their preference and budget.

All these make them more personalized with the customers. 

Precise Response

With their ability to sentiment analysis of conversation, chatbots help the customer executive know how to deal with the customers and what content to show to them.

Chatbots learn from their mistakes and improve the customer experience by providing more relevant offers to the customers.

It also considers which sales funnel customer lies in and responds appropriately.

Notify the Offers to Customers

Based on customer preference, chatbots notify the customers with offers, discounts on newly launched vehicles, discounts on favored cars, and other promotions.

Let’s discuss here-

What are the Various Use Cases of Automobile Chatbot?

Use cases of automobile chatbots

Car Servicing-

To help customers with car services round the clock. Update them with the status of servicing and any other further conversations required concerning servicing of the cars.

Car Dealership-

Be available to customers 24/7 to help them purchase the car of their choice by providing various options available to them and other financial options and generating sales.

Car Launch-

Promote newly launched cars and invite customers for launch events. 

Car Test Drive-

Schedule a car test drive, and take the availability updates from the customers.

Two Wheeler Enquiry-

Assist customers in answering all the queries 24/7 and generate more sales.

Two Wheeler Servicing-

Bike servicing chatbot to schedule servicing pick-up and drop-off for the customers.

Used Car Dealership-

Car chatbot for a dealership to sell, purchase used cars with less human-agent interactions.

Driving School-

Chatbot to assist customers with document requirements, admittance, and booking driving slots.

Parking Services-

To help customers in booking/assisting car parking areas 24/7.

Professional Driver Booking-

To book professional drivers on hourly, daily, or weekly wages.

Automotive Reseller- 

Provide customers with the vehicle details like- price, age, condition, and images of their desired vehicle within the chat itself.

Future of Automobile Chatbot

Future of the automobile chatbots is very bright, with the rising demands of the customers. AI chatbots help the customers round the clock in all possible ways. It reduces the overall response time to the customers.

It will be easy for the automobile industries to market their vehicles, launch, and provide other services without delay. Customers can also get the proper guidance, offers, and discounts on their preferred cars.

Automobile chatbots perform deep analytics of the collected details of the customers. Using that, they can launch the new vehicles into the market and generate sales. 


Most brands throughout the world are deploying automobile chatbots as it helps in the selling and buying process quickly and reduces the overall time it reaches the customers. 

Customers also get a good and quick response to their queries and increase their satisfaction rate.

Now the major task here is to choose the right chatbot for your business. Though you have many options, satisfying your business needs is somewhat challenging. 

You can try some top vendors who promise the features you’re looking for in your business and then deploy.

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