The WhatsApp Business API offers businesses a way to build an integration with the messaging app and access its massive user base. With this, business owners can reach out to their customers in real-time, engage them, and interact with them in ways that were not available before.

The WhatsApp Business API can help you build new revenue streams by allowing you to create custom content for your customers and send them promotional offers. It also allows you to send notifications about orders or sales and monitor customer activities throughout the day.

In this article, we will share the most important benefits of using the Whatsapp Business API for your business.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Here are the benefits of Using the WhatsApp Business API for Businesses

benefits of WhatsApp business api

1. Movie Ticket Booking 

Ticket Booking with Whatsapp

If you’re an established theater or movie chain, you can use the WhatsApp Business API to help send out your customers’ movie tickets. In addition, WhatsApp Business API will enable businesses to integrate it into their business software. 

WhatsApp API will capture customer data such as name and contact details in order to send movie tickets once the client has booked the ticket.

The system will automatically create a personalized QR code that they can use to redeem their ticket at the theater or any other location. By eliminating the need for the consumer to search through their emails for the ticket, they can just show the QR code to the attendant at the theatre, improving the customer experience.

2. Login with WhatsApp 

whatsapp business api benefits

Adding WhatsApp Login to your app and website improves the user experience because WhatsApp is extensively used by people worldwide. The WhatsApp login validation will allow your web and mobile users to log in without entering passwords, phone numbers, or OTPs, providing them with a more seamless experience. 

This will boost the login conversions and reduce the login time.

You can use WhatsApp Business API-based platforms like Smatbot to help you quickly create a WhatsApp login for your website.  

3. Ecommerce Store 

benefits of whatsapp business api

As an ecommerce business, you know your customers are always looking for new and exciting ways to buy things. With the WhatsApp API, you can give them exactly what they want: a convenient way to order anything from anywhere, anytime.

A few benefits of using the WhatsApp API include:

1. Save time: You can customize messages for each customer based on their previous orders, saving you time on repetitive tasks like processing new orders.

2. Improve customer satisfaction: By using the WhatsApp API to send customers messages about their orders and receipts, you’ll be able to keep them informed throughout the process.

3. Boost sales and conversions: The most important thing when it comes to making money is ensuring that your customers are happy and satisfied with their experience, which means sending them regular updates throughout their purchase process will make all the difference.

When integrated with e-commerce systems, WhatsApp Business API like Smatbot will enable order tracking, offer customer assistance, respond to questions, and collect quick feedback from clients.

4. Automate Customer responses 

automate responses

WhatsApp automation allows businesses to reply to customer queries far more quickly. This can result in a greater conversion rate and increased client satisfaction.

Whatsapp customer support automation can handle time-consuming and redundant tasks 24/7.

Moreover, WhatsApp Business API can handle inbound service queries during your company’s off-hours instead of paying staff to perform late-night shifts or having them waste their time on monotonous tasks like contact data input.

In addition, customer service automation systems help to relieve some of the load on your salespeople so they can concentrate on developing relationships with your clients.

A few more benefits of using the WhatsApp API include:

  • You can respond quickly across several platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram,  Facebook, and email.
  • Assist your agents by assisting them in prioritizing cases and personalizing messaging.
  • You can create an easy chat selection from which users can pick to increase the efficiency of customer interactions.
  • With Whatsapp automation, you will send product catalogs and initiate orders to automate the order and ticketing procedures.
  • You may send your consumers an automated and personalized thank-you WhatsApp message when they make a purchase.

5. Create a strong brand identity by Green Tick 

strong brand identity by green tick

Approximately 7/10 customers only purchase from trusted brands.  

Earning a green tick on WhatsApp will increase your credibility and brand recognition. The green tick will identify your account and prevent scammers from using your brand’s name in scams. In addition, gaining the trust of your audience will boost engagement, which frequently results in a greater return on investment for your marketing effort. 

However, the standard WhatsApp Business account does not provide this feature. You must use the WhatsApp Business API to use this green tick feature.

6. Trustworthy and secure

In order to protect user and client data, WhatsApp Business API supports end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp’s integrated end-to-end encryption enables you to securely exchange client information and protects their accounts. This guarantees that strict data protection requirements are met. Moreover, this feature will contribute to the trust and security of a customer.

7. Provide 24/7 Customer Support

Automating customer service is the most popular benefit of WhatsApp Business. Brands can provide clients with 24/7 helpdesk services via WhatsApp. 

With WhatsApp API, you can handle tickets and chats in a single chat window, making it ideal for large enterprises with teams in several locations.

Many businesses collaborated with services like Smatbot to build a custom chatbot that supports the automation of their customer support operations. With the assistance of this chatbot, the company will be able to maintain constant touch with its clients 24/7.

8. Broad Cast Bulk Messages 

broadcast bulk messages

For larger businesses, WhatsApp Business API would be a much better option than the app for sending WhatsApp bulk messages. You can send a bulk message to up to 800 people daily using the WhatsApp Business API. 

One of the most significant benefits of WhatsApp Business API is the ability to send bulk messages to clients who have not saved your number in their phone contacts. 

You must essentially use template messages when sending a mass message using WhatsApp Business API. In addition, these messages must follow WhatsApp’s commercial policy.  

Using Smatbot, you can quickly send bulk template messages with a single click.

9. Personalized Promotional messages  

Personalized promotional messages

WhatsApp promotional messages will help you skyrocket your leads and conversions by 5X, whether you own an educational institution, eCommerce store, digital marketing agency,  automotive business, or have clients in other sectors.

WhatsApp personalized promotional messages are here to transform how companies advertise on WhatsApp.

With WhatsApp Business API, businesses can easily send promotional offers, coupons, discount coupons, product launch notifications, updates, and more to an unlimited number of people on WhatsApp.

You may easily send promotional messages in bulk by connecting with a platform powered by the WhatsApp API like Smatbot.

Conclusion :

The WhatsApp Business API is one of the best ways to interact with large global audiences. However, in order to get started, get the best assistance from Smatbot, who can help you in setup WhatsApp Business API.

This is because WhatsApp does not offer you a platform or application to leverage WhatsApp Business API.

Smatbot is a WhatsApp business API-based online platform that will allow you to: 

  • Set automated notifications for actions like payment links, Order Confirmation, delivery updates, and more.
  • Interact with your clients in real-time.
  • Send WhatsApp promotional messages in bulk.
  • Integrate WhatsApp store to run your online ecommerce business with WhatsApp.
  • Build conversation flows with targeted keywords to boost ROI.
  • Communicate with your client in 50+ languages.
  • Configure WhatsApp no-code chatbots to automate client experience.
  • Get a verified Green Tick for your brand.