Unlocking Success: Mastering Click to Whatsapp Ad

Unlocking Success: Mastering Click to Whatsapp Ad

Are you investing heavily in social media ads but not seeing the desired sales or results? Do you know that 75% of online buyers prefer to buy from a brand they can contact via messaging?

To address this issue, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that allows brands to automate their chats triggered by interactions from Instagram and Facebook ads. The click-to-WhatsApp ads enable potential customers to message you directly, ultimately steadily increasing your sales and revenue.

If you are wondering how this feature works, this article is a must-read. Here, we will explore all the essential details about click-to WhatsApp ads that will help businesses reach a wider audience and convert them into loyal customers.

What is a Click-to-WhatsApp Ad?

Click-to-WhatsApp ad is an alternative to WhatsApp bulk messaging. It allows the audience to contact brands directly by sending messages from an ad they saw on their social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. This is done by providing a call to action button on the audience’s newsfeed, Facebook marketplace and stories that prompt them to send a message on the brand’s WhatsApp business account.

This feature of WhatsApp builds an instant connection between the user and the brand by initiating a direct conversion. 

Once the conversation starts, businesses have the golden opportunity to engage those leads with more information about their products or services. They can even send them personalised offers to turn them into customers and guide them through the entire purchasing process. This way, brands can easily boost customer engagement and sales.

Click-to-WhatsApp Ad – A New Innovation

Click-to-WhatsApp ads are an innovation in the world of advertisement. With this feature, businesses can add a direct WhatsApp button on Facebook and Instagram ads to offer an opportunity for the audience to message them instantly and ask their queries. This call to action button replaces the conventional website link.

These ads can appear in Facebook Marketplace, Facebook news feed, Facebook stories, Instagram stories, Instagram explore and Instagram feed.

Benefits of Click-to-WhatsApp Ad

  • Global reach and convenience

In this fast-paced digital world, customers seek convenience and prefer using familiar platforms like WhatsApp for easy and quick interaction. This level of convenience can enhance customer satisfaction and trust. With 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging platforms. By using the click-to-WhatsApp ads feature, brands can target a broader audience, providing the convenience of their preferred messaging app for communication.

  • Higher Conversion Rates

As we mentioned above, the click-to-WhatsApp ads feature facilitates direct and instant communication allowing businesses to immediately address or respond to user queries that might otherwise prevent a purchase. This prompt action leads to higher conversion rates.

This WhatsApp feature is highly effective in optimizing conversion rates when used strategically. Since these ads have the potential to drive a higher volume of WhatsApp conversations, brands must make strategic moves such as sending personalized offers, assisting in buying decisions, etc., to increase conversions. Additionally, tracking the performance of your ads and optimizing funnels accordingly will definitely lead to the best results.

  • Direct-to-Customer Sales

WhatsApp simplifies the product discovery process by allowing brands to recommend personalized products or services to users, eliminating the need for them to navigate through the website to find their desired products. This streamlined approach empowers brands to shorten their sales cycle by showcasing ideal products directly. Consequently, prospects find it easier to make instant purchases through WhatsApp conversations.

  • Cross-Channel Promotion

With click-to-WhatsApp ads, brands can reach audiences across various channels, including social media platforms, to generate more qualified leads. This feature enables targeting custom audiences through Meta’s Ad Manager and directs customers towards direct conversations, enhancing outreach.

  • Reduced Advertising Cost

Unlike traditional forms of customer engagement, click-to-WhatsApp ads are more cost-effective as they offer a direct connection between companies and their audiences. This approach reduces costs associated with call centers, traditional SMS, and international call charges. Advertisers and marketers only pay for clicks and engagements, thereby lowering overall advertising costs.

  • Generate and qualify leads

According to HubSpot, 11% of marketers state that lead generation is one of their top challenges. Click-to-WhatsApp ads help businesses expand their customer base by targeting shoppers who match their ideal customer persona. Brands can leverage Meta’s Ad Manager to offer promotions based on users’ age, gender, location, and similar audience criteria.

Moreover, these ads efficiently qualify leads. Businesses can set up a 24/7 chatbot like SmatBot to ask leads a predefined set of questions about their concerns, needs, and interests. This approach allows the support team more time to handle complex queries and other priority marketing tasks.

Use-cases of click-to-WhatsApp ads 

The main aim of using click-to-WhatsApp ads is to allow users to start conversations with your business.

Some of the top use cases of WhatsApp click-to-ad that your brand can use are –

  • Bookings and Pre-orders

If you are launching a new product or service, you can run click-to-WhatsApp ads to receive pre-bookings and orders. These ads are one of the fastest ways to attract more pre-orders and bookings directly through your WhatsApp chat.

  • Recover Abandoned Carts

E-commerce often faces the challenge of cart abandonment. To overcome this, brands can leverage the power of click-to-WhatsApp ads. By running ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, brands can bring back customers to the page where they left off and encourage them to complete their purchase with discounts and deals.

  • Upselling and Cross-selling

These ads help businesses introduce new products and share recommendations. This helps customers make better shopping choices and adds value for them. Moreover, WhatsApp ads not only improve engagement but also boost the average order value.

  • Share Event Invitations

If you belong to a business that hosts online events such as workshops, webinars, or offline events to invite customers, click-to-WhatsApp ads can be an excellent option to spread the word about your event and attract signups and registrations.

  • Collect Feedback And Reviews

WhatsApp is a familiar platform where many people chat with their friends and family. Click-to-WhatsApp ads allow you to easily initiate conversations with customers after a purchase, making it more convenient for them to share valuable feedback and reviews about your products or services.

What problem is click-to-WhatsApp ads solving?

  • Quality lead generation: With traditional advertising methods, it can be difficult to track leads if inaccurate details are provided. Click-to-WhatsApp ads address this issue by simplifying the process for users to initiate conversations. This eliminates the need to fill out cumbersome contact forms, leading to higher conversions and reducing the chances of incorrect information. Users can instantly start a chat by clicking on the ad, resulting in quality lead generation. 
  • Relationships: Using click-to-WhatsApp ads, brands can engage with potential customers on a platform where they feel more comfortable. Additionally, customers can reach out to brands to ask their queries and concerns and receive instant responses. This helps businesses build strong relationships with their customers.
  • Lack of engagement: Regular ads often lack user engagement due to their lack of interactivity and lengthy communication processes. Click-to-WhatsApp ads offer a more engaging solution compared to regular ads by simplifying the communication process and enabling two-way interaction. By promptly opening a chat window, these WhatsApp ads make it easier for users to ask their queries and receive personalized assistance, ultimately increasing engagement.
  • Improved sales: WhatsApp ads increase sales by recommending ideal products and retargeting interested customers. As mentioned before, WhatsApp offers personalized and two-way interactive conversations to foster a positive customer experience, which can lead to increased trust and ultimately more sales.
  • Lower marketing costs: Compared to conventional ads, click-to-WhatsApp ads are more cost-effective as they eliminate the need for call centers and reduce SMS and international call charges.
  • Target Audience: Targeting the right audience is often a major challenge for new business owners. However, click-to-WhatsApp ads can now help you overcome this challenge. This WhatsApp feature will assist you in raising brand awareness and reaching a wider audience.

How to create click-to-WhatsApp ads?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to create click-to-WhatsApp ads:

  1. Visit Ads Manager and choose the “Ad creation” option there.
  2. Now, choose “Create” and then select “Messages” for the ad objective.
  3. You have to choose the Facebook page which is linked to your WhatsApp account.
  4. Choose your target audience and design your ad.
  5. Next, set WhatsApp as your default messaging app to add click-to-WhatsApp messaging.
  6. You need to make a default message that greets leads when they click to WhatsApp chat.
  7. Now, it’s time to set your budget and launch your ad campaign.

That’s it! By following these steps, you can easily create your ads that click to WhatsApp.

Last Words

In summary, click-to-WhatsApp ads can be a game-changer, redirecting potential prospects to your WhatsApp chat and boosting engagement with your leads.

Now that you understand the importance of click-to-WhatsApp ads, you may need an automated solution to engage and converse with leads coming through these ad campaigns.

Manually responding to every interaction is impractical. Therefore, to automate this process, you’ll need a WhatsApp chatbot solution like SmatBot. With SmatBot’s WhatsApp chatbot solution, you can easily automate interactions and engage customers directly on WhatsApp. SmatBot handles all customer queries and responds to every message without leaving the platform.

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The 4 best ways to use click-to-WhatsApp Ads for Marketing

The 4 best ways to use click-to-WhatsApp Ads for Marketing

Businesses in the digital age are constantly looking for new ways to connect with their customers and drive engagement. One such way that has gained significant popularity is click-to-WhatsApp ads. 

With over 2 billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp has emerged as a robust platform for businesses to reach, interact with, or communicate with their target audience. 

By leveraging the click-to-WhatsApp ad feature, marketers or businesses can seamlessly connect with potential customers or clients and generate leads through personalized conversations. This direct and instant communication channel has proven to be a highly effective platform for driving conversions and creating lasting customer relationships.

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