There have been immense advancements in the field of customer support over the last few years and Chatbots are not new in that. The latest here is that chatbots are making way into mobile applications to solve their customer support problems.

Chatbots are based on artificial intelligence and can mimic human conversations which put them at the forefront in industries that require customer service support. With the ability to crunch up vast amounts of data and respond within seconds, Chatbots seem to be the next big thing concerning businesses and customer support if they aren’t already.

Chatbots are effective for repetitive jobs that involve catering to the audience by addressing simple tasks. Thus, they will not experience the fatigue that humans face and can constantly handle customer support 24×7.

With every company in a quest to cut operational costs, chatbots are proving to be the game-changers as they are also cheap to build. And It is time for mobile apps to follow the trend and improve their customer experience.

“IBM estimates that 265 billion customer support requests are made every year”, 

First, let us talk about what a customer support chatbot is:

A customer support chatbot is a bot using artificial intelligence and/or machine learning to answer customer questions via a chat messenger. 

The chatbots use your existing FAQs or knowledge bases i.e, your resources to answer customer queries. They can recognize and answer multiple phrases of a similar question and answer accordingly. Chatbots can also be trained to give instant responses using preset triggers.

All these combined can create a human-like experience for your customers when they are trying to solve their queries and makes them feel at home.

“40% of consumers don’t care whether a chatbot or a person answers their customer service questions”

Why we think chatbots can takeover customer support in mobile applications:


  1. Improved Customer service:

A chatbot embedded into the mobile app can help customers with queries without them having to scroll through each FAQ document. Automated responses and lesser turnaround time can keep the customers coming back.

  1. Improving response rates:

Responding to every single message without fail – the stepping stone to increasing your customers brand loyalty. While humans need a break from work, chatbots step up and respond almost automatically to every support inquiry, thereby increasing the response rates considerably.

  1. Allowing better customer communication

Customer attention and experience can earn a brand the brownie points it deserves. Chatbots can give customers a personalized experience as they address each question more personally, thus increasing their brand satisfaction and ultimately drawing the customer further towards the brand.

  1. Faster To Build A Bot

How long does it take to build a mobile app on IOS or Android? Much longer than it takes to build a chatbot for sure. Building a chatbot doesn’t consume even half that amount of time. It is simpler to build chatbots for a developer with the added advantage of providing better user experience.

  1. Chatbots are cheaper:

Since chatbots are automated and are priced with respect to their functionality. You only pay for what you need most of the time and will be eliminating most of the queries your agent attends. Thus meaning employing fewer agents.

  1. Brands love chatbots:

The customers are already there. And companies are creating chatbots for improved customer service, more personalized communication with customers, new sales opportunities, access to the youngest target groups, etc.

Brand Chatbot examples

Integration of SmatBot into your mobile app:

The integration of Smatbot to a mobile app is done as a separate activity screen in the app. This is an effective way to incorporate a chatbot into an existing mobile app having a user base thus providing Mobile support instantly in your app without the need of developing anything from scratch.


1. Since smatbot is visual builder bot platform one can set the bot up in less than 10 mins that too without the need of any coding*.
2. Each and every element of smatbot is customizable with multiple preset themes. So you don’t have to worry about any irregularities in your UI&UX.
3. With easy integrations available to get data from your backend, The sky’s the limit for what you can use smatbot for.

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*The integration of the bot into the app needs work from developers.

Moreover, AI-powered chatbots can provide businesses with valuable insights about their audience using customer support data.

By using insights received from chatbot conversations, organizations can extend their communication with customers to other channels like email, retargeted advertising etc., while customizing content in correspondence with customer needs to ensure an increase in brand loyalty.


Considering all the points mentioned above we believe Chatbots are ready to takeover Customer support in mobile applications and do much more in the coming future.

If we look at the chatbots present at this time they have come a long way and Customer support is the newest problem they’ve been able to handle perfectly. The key point here is that chatbots have the capability to solve context-aware use cases like requesting a Uber drive maybe if not now but in the future.

chatbot development is still in its early days, so let’s see how things evolve. We think It’s A perfect time for entrepreneurs and bot enthusiasts to experiment with new uses cases and build better chatbots.