Let’s explore Low-code and no-code development platforms here!

Changes in digital transformation have taken a new height in a couple of years in how entrepreneurs handle their businesses.  The changes in customer demand have forced businesses to drive new business strategies and overcome the serious competition in their respective fields.

During this struggle of businesses, low-code or no-code developers strategy has proved to be of utmost benefit to the business. It helps companies to meet their demands by lowering risks and costs.

The demand for these low-code or no-code development applications has gained a good market in this pandemic as most of the businesses are working remotely instead of going to the office. Every operation and task is carried out on the cloud platform or online platforms. 

To explain you the scenario

The demand for IT leaders has increased, and the workloads on IT teams have increased to 88% in this pandemic. There is no other option left for the IT developers to bring innovation in the IT sector as the existing developers cannot fulfil the increasing demands of the businesses. Also, due to this pandemic, business norms have entirely changed, remote work gained a better weight than before. Most of them opted for remote work in offices as they can manage the entire work in online platforms, and very few tasks are left in the offices where a physical presence of the workforce is needed.

The need for IT innovation has taken a new height in the post-pandemic world. Businesses are in urgent need of transforming the IT sector to co-op with the customer’s demands even when employees are working remotely. The company’s working strategy has completely changed. Just 37% of companies said that their IT team had completed the given projects on their deadline. It all leads to overburdening the IT teams to code for more tasks simultaneously, as they used to do before.

Thanks to the advanced development in the processes and online applications that helps the organizations to streamline the services, gaining high productivity, and maximizing revenues. Even it helped the organizations gain a competitive advantage as all organizations cannot cope with this change. It’s significant for organizations to be parallel with the changes in the market and fast-paced digital world. These changes raised the demand for businesses to develop more and more applications and software. Fulfilling the increased demand will not be possible for the existing IT teams and thus develops the need for changing the business process to meet these demands.

Most organizations focus on speed and agility in their business process to satisfy the customer’s demands and gain a competitive advantage.

For Example

Let’s say; Chatbot is one of the best digital strategies organizations can adopt in overcoming such situations. 

Chatbots help almost all types of businesses and reduce the overall burden of the developer and the need to hire the developer. 

Chatbots implementation is easy for businesses. To start with this, generally, they don’t require a person with technical skills/developers. Chatbots in the market come with a drag and drop facility; depending on your business requirements, you can choose the theme, customize the entire chatbot’s chat window and dashboard for coordinating with all the agents of the chatbots. 

When we talk about chatbots, we generally think chatbots are limited to customer support. But that’s not the case, chatbots with time have developed a lot, and businesses are using chatbots for various use cases in their businesses. Such as-

  • In hospitals for appointment booking, initial screening of patients, reminding patients to take their medicine on time for serious illness, notifying patients about the availability of their preferred doctors, and many more.
  • The automobile industry schedules a test drive, vehicle servicing, offers and discounts on specific periods, and many more.
  • In the real estate industry to real-time inquiry, automate follow-up processes, schedule property viewings, payment reminders, document submission, and many more. 
  • In IT support for assigning tasks, reserving rooms, verifying technical; issues, and many more.
  • Restaurant chatbots to take online orders, manage reservations, promote deals and offers, track feedback, easier delivery, and takeaways. Nurture customers, and many more. 
  • HR chatbots for sourcing candidates, screening, scheduling an interview, follow-up, taking tests, and many more.
  • Travel chatbots for packages search, expense management, a guide to customers, conversational booking experience, and many more.
  • Banking or financial chatbots for personalizing customer service, conducting surveys, fraud detection, transaction, sending reminders, applying for services, and many more.

It’s a never-ending list because chatbots have many benefits and use cases that businesses can use and leverage maximum benefit. Moreover, it reduces the staff required for handling some business operations but doesn’t completely replace the human with the chatbots. Chatbots can be of great help to businesses to complete their work on deadline and in less cost and time. These are the significant parameters that every organization needs to fulfill to be parallel with the changing digital environment. 

The demand for chatbots has taken a new height because of their popularity due to saving time, cost, and quality service. But the major challenge here is that chatbots also have some limitations, that you need to check with the vendor before going with any vendors. 

With the demand for chatbots, many chatbot vendors have emerged in the market. You can take the free trial of the chatbots and analyze your business’s benefits and use cases. Chatbots can handle it. 

To help you with this, you can go for a SmatBot, a chatbot platform that uses advanced technology, 24/7 assistance, a no-code customize platform, and a 14-day free trial option to start.

What Exactly is No-Code or Low-Code?

No-code vs low-code

If you have a small team of developers or employees with less knowledge of coding in your business, then a no-code or low-code platform is for you. Companies who are not purely into development or don’t know advanced technologies can quickly start with the chatbot and start implementing it in their business operations with no code. Deploying chatbots is very easy, as you don’t have to keep stress on your mind to develop a code with no-code or low-code. You can easily build customized chatbots, or even the technical team of SmatBot can help you with this. 

All you need to perform here is define flow, logic, language selection, dashboard design using predefined templates available by just drag and drop facility available. A no-code platform is a perfect choice for SMEs that can’t hire developers or don’t want to spend money on outsourcing due to their budget limits. The employees from different teams usually don’t have any technical 

knowledge or skills; anyone can quickly develop chatbots by themselves.

How is No-Code or Low-Code Software Developments Useful?

No code platform uses

Let’s determine how no-code or low-code development assists the business in delivering quick service to the customers. 

Reduced Design Times

Coding generally takes time, and it’s a long process. To write code for a single project, developers need to go through various tasks such as selecting the language for writing a code, understanding logic, writing code, checking for errors, a single mistake of the colon, or comma also not acceptable in coding. In addition, developers need to write thousands of code lines followed by testing, which is a tiresome task for the developers and testers.

When developers go with no-code software, it speeds up the overall process of planning and executing. It will become easy for the developers to complete a project on time even though it needs thousands of lines of code. It reduces the error rate to a maximum extent using no-code platforms.

Reduced Implementation Issues

Generally, developers spend much time resolving implementation issues while building an application or product. During the entire process, developers go through different types of issues such as hardware dumping, resolving complex issues, programmer code will not work as intended, and many more. 

Going with a low-code or no-code will help the developers skip the entire tasks mentioned above and improve the IT team’s market time and productivity. With a no-code platform, developers can easily identify the issues they may encounter and work before avoiding their occurrence. 

Boost Security and Diminish Risks

No-code platforms are created basically by considering security as a priority. Also, it’s well-tested by a team of expert teams and ensures it’s risk-free and works as intended. You can’t expect a cyber attack on a low-code or no-code platform because it will be taken care of by the platform providers.

Enhanced Scope for Experimentation

Using low-code or no-code platforms, you can try for different probabilities with the codes to improve the overall efficiency of the business. You can check and analyze the error and work on it according to business requirements in less time. Also, developers can easily co-op with the changing digital environment and demands of the customers.

Employee Empowerment

With no-code, businesses can utilize their existing employees to work on more critical activities. And deploy some developers on exploring different business technologies while other teams work on implementing the no-code. Overall it improves the efficiency of the developer teams, and they can work freely with less burden on them.

There is no need for Businesses to hire expert developers in carrying out advanced activities. Even businesses can hire persons with no technical skills to carry out the creative works and use the no-code platform to develop an efficient resource. 

Even companies can use the developers to train the non-technical employees on basics to explore their ideas and improve the efficiency of the product and provide the right solution to the problem. 

Less Dependency on IT Teams

Even the non-technical team members can use no-code platforms; it helps the business not depend much on developer team members. It helps companies to reach the expected outcomes and solutions easily and on time. It brings agility to business tasks and provides a competitive advantage. 

Overall it reduces the burden on the IT team and Businesses can easily digitize and automate the processes, customize applications with no-code, and enhance workflows, thereby improving the company’s overall efficiency.

Better Organizational Culture

Besides developer team advantage. The no-code platform helps businesses in changing their businesses overall work culture. 

Though it might have looked like a small change in the business environment, it can affect almost every business task of different company departments and their overall working strategies. 

With no code, any company department can work in collaboration, and it doesn’t need any technical knowledge. In the end, employees working in different departments can work together and share their ideas to improve the overall process efficiency and provide a more probable solution to the issues customers encounter.


In today’s digital world, where the competition is high due to customer demands and adhering to it is not an essay task if you follow the traditional coding technique to develop your business operations.

No-code or low-code is the best solution that can help you gain competitive differentiation, reduce time to market, enhance efficiency, and reduce errors in less time and cost.

Even companies can utilize the no-code platform to explore the creative ability of their developer teams and utilize them differently. Besides that, you can use other non-technical employees too in developing innovative ideas for your business.

Business executives just need to drag and drop the predefined templates with no-code or low-code and generate a logical flow that meets your business requirements. 

No-code or low-code will take the businesses to a new level of advancements. 

You can try a 14-day free trial to experience the same with a no-code platform. Only drag and drop features to customize your chatbots. 

You can contact our SmatBot technical team. They are available round the clock to serve you.