First, What is zendesk?

To sum up zendesk in a single line, “It is a cloud-based customer service application designed to improve communication between the company and its customers”. No matter what the size of the business is, Zendesk works effectively with different types of businesses. With incredible features in its arm and a core focus on improving customer service, productivity and customer satisfaction rates, Zendesk is a sureshot when it comes to a helpdesk software.

The beauty of zendesk is that it works seamlessly across multiple channels irrespective of the number of customers or agents who are interacting with each other.

So, How does zendesk do all those? You may ask.

Well, it does that with this system they developed called Ticketing.

Zendesk Ticket Management

Zendesk has this ticketing system with the ability to create, handle and track customer service tickets(requests) from multiple sources like phone, live chat, email, social media etc. This helps the customers to contact a company in the most convenient method for them and raise a support request(ticket). These tickets can then be assigned to an agent to take it forward and ultimately resolve the query.

Now, What Is A Chatbot?

A chatbot is an automated conversational agent based on artificial intelligence that interacts with users in a natural language, usually over the Internet across multiple different channels separately or as a sole entity.

Chatbots are the most visible tools of artificial intelligence applications that gained huge popularity in recent time and have gone from being a new technology to “ A technology that business can rely upon for automating their business processes”.


Chatbot today are being widely used and has evolved to become an integral part of the consumer journey and business processes. Chatbots have been doing exceptional work in regards to customer support, customer engagement and lead generation from website visitors and multiple other business use cases like surveys, feedbacks etc.

This is basically what chatbots are.

Now, you might be wondering  “ how do zendesk and chatbots work together and how can I leverage these together for my business?”

I will be explaining it below.

Zendesk and chatbots: How to use them together?

To start with, Customer support is the use case that can most leverage the working of chatbots and zendesk together.  So, we are going to look at everything from that perspective moving forward in the article.

Now, There are multiple chatbot providers that integrate with Zendesk and offer a different kind of workarounds. 

So, let’s look at a solution that can do a little more than just basic integrations, and give you the most value compared to others.

Enter SmatBot.

What is SmatBot?

In a nutshell, SmatBot is an AI-driven conversational bot-building platform to build use-case specific chatbots.

24*7 Chatbot

Powered by AI and available 24/7, SmatBot can work on websites, blogs, mobile apps and facebook messenger. Although the main focus of SmatBot is on lead generation, customer conversion and customer support, It can also be used to build bots for multiple use cases like Surveys, Bookings, Feedbacks, Faqs and many more.

So, how can I use Zendesk and SmatBot together?

Let’s look at an example for a better understanding.

So, you are looking to rent a car for your road trip and want to know if the car rental company delivers the car to your doorstep?

What do you do? You head over to the rental company’s app or website and ask their customer service executives(zendesk agents) if they deliver the vehicle at your doorstep.

This is where SmatBot comes into the picture and can help your answer level 1 and some times level 2 queries of your customers without any human intervention in a structured way.

Solving level 1 and level 2 queries

In the below images, the user wanted to know if the rental car company delivers their vehicle and Since it is a basic query and as the answers were given to the bot beforehand, it answered the question correctly.

Zendeska and chatbots level 1 queryZendeska and chatbots level 1 query Zendeska and chatbots level 1 query

You might be wondering what if the user needs help with something more advanced?

Redirecting to Zendesk agent

Well, SmatBot will then collect their details by asking a few questions and redirect them to a zendesk agent so that he can followup with the customer instantly.

Zendeska and chatbot redirection Zendeska and chatbots zendesk chatbox

This can help drastically decrease your incoming customer queries by automating support requests that don’t need any human touch and can help minimize your operating costs.

In conjunction with the above advantages, we have seen a consistent increase in CX and brand loyalty numbers of the companies applying similar processes.

“Studies show that providing efficient and fast customer support had very positive effects on a company’s Customer Experience(CX) and increased brand loyalty.”

Although the images shown above depict the chatbot on a website, the same experience can be brought to mobile apps, facebook messenger etc., using SmatBot and Zendesk together. 

SmatBot can also source information from your database and deliver it to your customer whenever asked. One can get information like Booking details, Transaction numbers, Delivery tracking etc., Further decreasing your support requests.

One other thing is that SmatBot also does custom integrations with zendesk which can align with your business goals at very competitive prices.

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Apart from this, there are multiple chatbot vendors offering a different kind of integrations with zendesk but at costs much higher than SmatBot.

Like BotXO which can open, update and close tickets like an agent(or) gather customer information before they are assigned to a live agent as Avio does.


To sum it up, Chatbots and Zendesk can be used in parallel together to compliment each other’s efforts. Given the added advantages these two provide together like decreased support tickets, increased CX and brand loyalty, minimizing operational costs it is a no brainer for brands to leverage these together for business growth.

Finally, you can make Zendesk and Chatbots work together in multiple ways and it all depends on what your requirements are and the type of integration your chatbot provider is offering.