Conversational marketing has made a strong footprint in the digital marketing world. As signified by its name, conversational marketing is a customer-centric and dialogue-driven approach to marketing. It has become the priority technique for marketers to drive customer engagement, enhance customer experience, and improve revenue.

Conversational marketing implies the use of real-time, one-to-one conversations to start contact with customers on social media platforms, web applications, and websites. The primary plus point with conversational marketing is you can gain quality and genuine information from your customers while being in a conversation that was more probably difficult when you go with the traditional way of filling a form.

Unlike other conventional methods of marketing where customers feel disturbed and don’t want to interact with brands. Conversational marketing overcomes that and allows you to have healthy relationships with customers by permitting businesses to engage with them through meaningful and data-filled conversations. It is a perfect way to push your prospects through the sales and marketing funnels. Conversational marketing helps you to be available to your customers, builds trust, and improves customer experience.

Conversational marketing involves targeted messaging, intelligent chatbots and live chats to engage customers, so they get the proper responses they need. It helps customers move seamlessly from one step to another and easily convert prospects to customers.

Conversational marketing is a new concept that evolved with the development of new technologies and the increase in the use of social media by customers. Customers are no more dependent on emails or filling forms; they prefer live chat or direct conversations with the brands. 

Why Conversational Marketing

1. 50.7 % of Firms Leveraging from Conversational Marketing

As per Drift’s 2021 research, over half of the companies practising conversational marketing claim, it assists them to respond to their website visitors or customers faster.

Moreover, over a third of them (36.2%) feel they can offer real and genuine responses for a more authentic experience.

2. Customer need for Immediate Response is Rising.

As per Drift’s 2021 research, the number of customers’ demands for quick response increased significantly during the last years.

Customers not only want a quick response, but they are looking for a real-time response. That is something every brand should focus on to improve their customer experience.

3. Customer Service Via Live Chat Improves Repeated Purchases.

Customers love when they get an immediate response, purchasing from the same brand, which improves customer experience and repeated purchases. 

As per Kayako’s conversational marketing data, almost eight out of ten companies(79%) have seen positive growth in sales, income and customer loyalty due to their real-time chat response services.

Indeed, 38% of customers assume they prefer to purchase from a firm that provides live chat assistance than one that doesn’t.

4.  Unsatisfactory User Experience on Live Chat Tools Distracts Customers the Most

Providing live chat support is not enough for the customers; it must work as promised by the brands. If you have live chat support but no response from your end or take a long time to respond, it will distract your customers. 

There should be utmost focus and perfection here to gain the customers’ trust.

5. Chatbots Can Helps in Time Management

Chatbots are the best solution for every brand that wants to save time and improve customer service. Chatbots can help boost the performance of your customer executives. 

If you use Whatsapp business API, you can automate the chat and save lots of time and provide a quick response directly on your customer’s most-used apps.

Conversational marketing with the WhatsApp business is a bonus for the marketers who want to build an exceptional customer experience. Now you might have a question: why Whatsapp only? Whatsapp has 2 billion users, and it’s the most popular, and you can find more active users on WhatsApp. 

Moreover, Whatapp is loaded with many features that help marketers use it in all possible ways and gain good ROI. 

Whatsapp Comes In Three Types For The Customer

  • Whatsapp for personal use
  • Whatsapp business for small businesses
  • Whatsapp business API

Going with Whatsapp business API will allow you to utilize conversational marketing. Now you might have got the question: how can I get a WhatsApp business API account?

To make you understand this, We put some points below

  • To start with WhatsApp business API, you must have an API registered on WhatsApp. These you can do with the WhatsApp official service provider. 
  • You can’t use your existing personal or WhatsApp business account for API until you delete that account by requesting with the WhatsApp service providers. 
  • Here are the simple steps you need to follow to convert from WhatsApp or WhatsApp business account to a WhatsApp business API account.

How Can You Improve Your Business With Whatsapp Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing using whatsapp

As we all know, WhatsApp is the most preferred channel by the majority of people for keeping in touch. So it’s time for companies to leverage the maximum from it. 

Let’s see how can we do that

Use Whatsapp as your ‘Contact Us’ option. Instead of asking your customers Call, Email, Download your mobile app or Submit a query form, you can ask them to reach out to you on your official WhatsApp channel.

We don’t underestimate those other channels, but the WhatsApp channel will give your customer a personalized conversation experience. It is also the most preferred channel for your customer for the contact us option. 

Using WhatsApp as your contact us option will leave you with many opportunities to converse with your customers, like using template messages, chatbot automation etc. It also improves your chatbot experience. Whatsapp chatbot can handle all the basic level queries of your customers automatically and leave only the complex queries to your agents. For example- information about your products or services, location of your shop, catalogue of your products and many more such queries. Whatsapp chatbot will be available to your customer round the clock and handle many customers concurrently. Moreover, it understands the customer’s needs and provides appropriate responses in no time.

Move the Conversation to Whatsapp Using the “Click to Chat” Links

You can use the click to chat option on any business platform. It helps your customers connect with you easily and quickly, and it works even if your customers are not on your contact lists. 

Using click to chat options, you can include Social media links, Websites, SMS, mail, etc. Creating this option is also very easy; some of the tools you can use are Smatbot, Walink and ChatWith.

Modify the Landing Page of your Social Media Ads

If you are facing low conversation rates on your landing page? Then it’s time for you to use your WhatsApp account, and it will automatically improve the interaction of your customer and personalized conversation.

Use a new landing page for your Facebook or Instagram Ad; use the Whatsapp channel as your new landing page. You can do that through the “send a message” button, and this way, you’re more easily connected with your customers. 

Selecting Call-to-Action on Facebook Ads Manager

If you are used to the features of Facebook Ads Manager, it’s very easy for you to use the call to action button in different ways. The first thing is to connect your WhatsApp business app to your Facebook account. Then select an objective for your campaign. The goal you choose must set the WhatsApp business as your call to action. Know more here You have plenty of options that one or the other will meet your needs. Selecting WhatsApp as a destination will depend on the aim of your campaign.

For instance: your aim might be to-

  • Drive traffic to your WhatsApp account
  • Conversions
  • Receiving Messages or queries from the customers

Personalize Conversations with Your Site Visitors Using Whatsapp

If your customers use WhatsApp as a communication channel. You can use the live chat option to communicate with your customer, reducing your bounce rate and improving metrics. For this, you can add WhatsApp web widget chat to your website, and the widget automatically takes your website visitors to your Whatsapp.

In this way, your website visitors can connect and chat with your business directly on WhatsApp with just a single click on the widget. This will enhance your customer engagement and improve the customer experience. At the same time making it is easy to connect with the businesses.

Some More Ways to Do Conversational Marketing with Whatsapp Business API:

Businesses have faced many challenges due to the pandemic, and they were losing their customers who have an only offline presence. Many companies who have already adopted conversational marketing with chatbots/WhatsApp are still engaged with their customers and selling their products or services.

As per Whatsapp statistics, over 5 billion businesses started using WhatsApp to connect with their customers. Thereby, these businesses improve their conversion rates in a short period. 80% of these businesses assured that WhatsApp helps businesses in growing.

With an AI Whatsapp chatbot, you can seamlessly shift your business to the online market.

1. Get Whatsapp API with a Business-Specific AI Chatbot.

Whatsapp business API is loaded with many features that help you engage with the customers in many ways—using template messages, automated messages, AI-enabled customer chat, and many other ways. All you need here is a verified WhatsApp business account. Once you have a Whatsapp API account and an AI chatbot, you can perform marketing, lead qualification, and customer engagement automatically.

2. Marketing with Offers on Products or Services with Drip Campaigns

Whatsapp is now considered a primary channel to run drip campaigns. Here you can send automated, time-oriented messages to every customer to market products or services. You can also engage leads and increase sales with discounts and offers. 

3.  Run Loyalty Programs Through Whatsapp Chatbot

Running loyalty programs helps businesses retain customers for a long time and improves the customers’ loyalty. They again purchase from the same companies to use loyalty reward points, thus ensuring they won’t get distracted by other competitors. It will also help you feel relaxed and that your customer will not leave you.

4. Converse, instead of Selling

Don’t just interact with the customers using traditional chatbots. Instead, focus on conversing with your customers in a more humanized and automated way. It’s possible only with the AI-powered Whatsapp business chatbot. These AI-powered chatbots will understand human behaviour, emotions, intention and interpret what they need and provide the result appropriately. Understanding customers and offering the right service will help increase the customer experience drastically.

5. Share Multimedia Resources

Using a Whatsapp business API account, you can send multimedia files, documents, GIFs and videos. Utilizing these features, you can send appropriate files to the customers that help them satisfy or get answers to their queries. For instance: You can share the product information, demonstration videos, images and many more that can help them decide whether to go for the product or not.

Let’s Wrap Up!

There is no rocket science starting with conversational marketing using WhatsApp business API. All you need is a WhatsApp business API account and a deep understanding of conversational marketing utilizing the various features WhatsApp business API offers. 

If you have any doubts or want to start using expert advice, you can contact our SmatBot team

We are glad to assist you in gaining maximum from conversational marketing with WhatsApp business API.