Have you ever wondered why you have a lower engagement rate on Whatsapp than expected? Though, people are more active on the WhatsApp platform.

We can’t deny that WhatsApp is the best messaging platform to get quick responses from customers more effectively.

Then why are you not getting the expected results? It is something worrying you. 

Don’t worry; we have traced out the reason for this-” Drafting attractive messages.”

There is no rocket science behind drafting an attractive message that you struggle to do. Here you just need to follow some tricks to ensure your message hooks your customers in an impactful way.

From the welcome message, discounts and offers to birthdays, and away from text messages, you need to follow some format that conveys your message to the customer that is helpful to them and encourages them to take some actions.

Whatsapp also has the facility to send automated messages to your customers, which you can utilize to build strong customer relationships.

Let’s focus on-

Some Tips and Tricks to Draft Attractive Messages on Whatsapp Business

Whether you use it for a WhatsApp app or WhatsApp business API platform.

Now you might have got the question: what’s the difference between WhatsApp business and WhatsApp business API

If you already know, that’s great! But if you want some basic understanding. We will furnish for you here a brief note of it-

Unlike WhatsApp messenger, WhatsApp business app and WhatsApp business API are designed to interact with their customers. You can migrate from the WhatsApp business app to the WhatsApp business API account by following some steps.

Whatsapp business is for SMEs and companies who want to leverage instant messaging in their daily customer interactions. In comparison, WhatsApp business API is for larger, growing and big enterprises, and it offers more advanced features to businesses. 

For instance-

A recognisable green tick next to the business name in the profile and chat headers acknowledges your business is verified and legitimate.

To acquire an API account, you need to subscribe to the services of a business solution provider(BSP) and WhatsApp partner. 

You can’t send messages directly to customers unless they get approved first from WhatsApp, and there are other limitations.

For instance, you can’t send promotional messages, and you can reply to customers in a 24-hour window. After that, you need to pay for the messages you send. API is a paid service of Whatsapp to businesses to leverage the maximum from their service.

To send messages via Whatsapp Business API, it must fall into the following categories and get approval from Whatsapp.

Account Update– It enables you to notify customers about changes to their account settings.

Auto-Reply-Text messages at times of weekends, holidays, or other business closures, so that customers will not miss messages from brands.

Issue Resolution– Resolve customer issues and queries quickly with issue resolution templates.

Reservation Update-Forgotten reservations can affect your end goals. Reservation templates can work here for you.

Alert Update– Use alert updates to remind customers about changes to ordered products or services.

Appointment Update-Reminders for appointment updates 

Payment Update-Sending payment confirmation 

Personal Finance Update-Update customers with personal finance and reply to their queries.

Ticket Update-Updating or confirming customers with ticket updates.

Shipping Update-Update customers at every stage of their orders.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

how to craft whatsapp template messages

1) Be Conversational on Whatsapp Business

On Whatsapp, people generally converse informally with kith and kin, unlike in emails where most of us message in a formal tone. So when we use the same tone on WhatsApp, it will create a gap between you and your customers. Due to this, you must avoid using formal language while interacting with your customers on WhatsApp- irrespective of which stage of the customer lifecycle you’re into. 

Here are some WhatsApp text tips to make your WhatsApp texts more conversational:

  • Use slang
  • Avoid jargon
  • Include emojis
  • Use contractions (don’t vs do not)
  • Incorporate puns
  • Ask questions

2) Use Shorter Sentences on Whatsapp Business

In this busy world, where everyone is busy in one or the other way. People find it a waste of time to read lengthy messages from brands, so it’s better to keep them short and long enough to fulfil the purpose of your sales or marketing purposes and relevant and meaningful to the customers so theat they can make the right call to action. 

For example:

To write the welcome message, you can use these elements:

A line about your store– “Welcome to <store name>.”

Reassurance-” we’ve received your message; our team will reach you shortly.”

Link to products page-” While we get you back, you can browse through these products<link>.”

Link to FAQs-” If you have any questions, the FAQ section is there for you to get answers. <link to faq>.’

3) Include Media Files on Whatsapp Business

Adding media files will differentiate WhatsApp from the classic text message platform. On WhatsApp, you can add GIFs, images, and videos that provide a good opportunity for marketers to market their products or services.

It makes messages also more attractive. You don’t need to think about what to write; simply you can insert images in the middle of the contents and break the overall messages to bit size, readable and easy to understand. 

Even you can try different media files to make the message more attractive and engage customers.

4) Use WhatsApp Text Formatting

Apart from media files, WhatsApp has another option to format messages that are not popular among users. You can choose from italicizing to bolding, but it needs simple coding. It’s very simple if you have a basic knowledge of HTML coding. 

Let’s understand it with some examples –

Bold: Place an asterisk pre and post the text you want to italicize. *Hello* → Hello 

Italics: Place an underscore pre and post the text you want to italicize. _Hello_ → Hello

Strikethrough: Place a tilde pre and post the text you want to strike through your message.~text~

Monospace: Place backticks pre and post the text you wish to monospace your message. “`text` “

Text formatting plays a great role in adding attractiveness to your messages for customers because it helps you highlight or draw the customers’ attention to important information. 

In turn, it helps you make your WhatsApp message a lot easier to market and digest to customers. 

5) Whatsapp Message Template

A Whatsapp message template powered you to use message content repeatedly once users have subscribed to receive text messages from you.

It helps the customers to reply fast to your message. These messages are highly structured messages that can personalize details sent to the customer, simplifying customer service efforts automatically. 

Whatsapp message template can assist you with-

  • Improve brand loyalty
  • Decrease response time
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Reply to customers outside business hours
  • Generate business leads

Whatsapp business message templates are categorized into-

  • Customer-generated messages
  • Session messages
  • Message templates

That you can use to send messages within a customer care window.

6) Add Links on Whatsapp Business

Adding a link is another way to keep your message simple and short. You can link to information that you want your customers to read on. Instead of making your messages lengthy by adding messages, you can add a link. 

You can even make your link even short instead of pasting an entire link. For instance, you can use link shorteners Owl.ly or Bitly. It’s best to add UTM tracking codes

 to your links to keep an eye on the WhatsApp marketing messages. You can even cross-sell or upsell your product by including a link to your message.  


Attractive messages are something that grabs the attention of the customers. Whatsapp can empower brands by offering attractive features to use by the businesses to achieve it.

You can draft attractive WhatsApp messages, but you need to follow certain formats to address the need. The tips mentioned earlier can work best for your business, and you just need to follow them by considering your business requirements. 

You can choose the Whatsapp business app or WhatsApp business API based on which suits you better, following the above tips. 

You can mix different message drafting tips, one that can best suit your business.

If you want a hassle-free experience, draft attractive messages for your business. You can contact the SmatBot team. We are glad to assist you, and we do customisation for all clients specific to their business needs.

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