WhatsApp marketing is not an option for today’s businesses, and it’s become de rigueur for marketers to opt for WhatsApp business to gain the race.

To prove the above statement, we have collected some WhatsApp statistics demonstrating how critical WhatsApp marketing is for your business in 2022 and beyond. Though the list of Whatsapp benefits statistics is never-ending, we have still pointed out some common uses for all industries. 

Irrespective of your industry, you’re missing out on the right opportunity to hit your target audience if you’re not deploying WhatsApp for companies.

At a Glance

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

Just like other messaging channels, WhatsApp marketing is also one of them. But here, we can target more audiences with less response time than other channels. Because on WhatsApp, we can find more active users, and thus it’s become the most preferred channel of over 500 million businesses worldwide. 

Is WhatsApp the right platform for businesses to market their business?

WhatsApp marketing for businesses helps brands to achieve:

  • Reach over 2 billion users globally 
  • Build a strong relationship with the customer.
  • Improve sales by timely answering the doubts of customers and by sending promotions, discounts, and offers messages to the targeted audience.
  • WhatsApp marketing allows businesses to personalize conversations with customers.
  • Compared to other marketing channels, WhatsApp’s ROI is high.

WhatsApp is not only very helpful for personal conversions, but businesses have also been widely adopting it since its inception. WhatsApp always comes with features that ease the marketers to reach their audience easily. WhatsApp business is suitable for small businesses; later, with additional and advanced features, WhatsApp business API came to help large businesses.

Here’s the major difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business API for your information. 

WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp business enables you to create a free business account, and it can be accessible with one PC and one smartphone. You can use this for small businesses with limited audiences and messages. 

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API has advanced features to send messages to a broad audience. Also, it has some restrictions on sending messages, like getting approval from WhatsApp. Businesses must pay for every message sent via the API platform to their customers. 

You can send messages to 1 lakh unique users daily using API. It provides live customer support to users in a 24 hours chat window. WhatsApp API is a pay-as-you-go model where users can send or share bulk messages to multiple devices. Learn more about WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp business API here.

Let’s now look at some mind-opening WhatsApp Business Stats. 

Before going further into WhatsApp statistics, it’s vital to know how users are using WhatsApp. 

Let’s start with some statistics that help you gain the introduction to the WhatsApp user base.

A global presence across 180 different countries & in 20 different languages.

WhatsApp adaptability is increasing globally; out of 195 countries, 180 have already started using it in more than 20 different languages. 

WhatsApp is accessible in over 40 languages on iPhone and up to 60 on Android.

whatsapp users countrywise

69% of the audience using the internet, excluding china, use WhatsApp. (Source:GWI)

Moreover, India ranks first with 390 million monthly active users, followed by Brazil with 108 million active users.

When we focus on growth, Russia has the highest increase rate with a 17% growth rate in the previous year, followed by India with 16.6%.

Apart from these, WhatsApp is among the apps downloaded 5 billion times through Android or iOS devices, and it’s become a favourite app in 100+ countries.

100 billion messages sent daily

The number of WhatsApp messages on the platform exceeds 13 times. Mostly it was conversations between friends and family members, and later with the introduction of WhatsApp Business, a conversation between businesses and customers also started. 

WhatsApp head at Meta, Will Cathcart, is proud that WhatsApp can deliver close to 100 Bn messages daily and is excited to do better in the future.(Source: Techcrunch)

Until 2011, the daily messages were only one billion; the number improved over the year, reaching more than 100 billion messages.

Currently, 1 billion people across the globe use WhatsApp every day. 70% of WhatsApp users use WhatsApp at least once a month, and 58% of users use it many times a day. Whatsapp has 5 million active users; on average, they check WhatsApp a minimum of 23 times a day.

On Average, 19.4 hours/ month are spent by every active WhatsApp user.

Being a most used social media messaging app across the globe. The average time spent by people is high on WhatsApp. 

India ranks top in average time spent on social media, accounting for 17 hours per week; over it, the maximum time spent on social media is WhatsApp.

The Whatsapp users spend about 29.4 hours, roughly 38 minutes using Whatsapp.

India ranks top in spending time with 21.4 hours spent monthly using Whatsapp. (Source-App Annie, Hootsuite)

Most adored by the middle-aged users.

WhatsApp is considered one of the most used applications throughout all age groups. 

It’s widely preferred among age groups 26-35 accompanied by 36-45 and least in 15-25. 

different age group of whatsapp users

WhatsApp Business Statistics

Facebook uncovered WhatsApp for business purposes in 2018 with SMEs in mind. Later in the same year, WhatsApp launched its enterprise product WhatsApp business API. 

Businesses Using WhatsApp Business

As per the latest statistics, the WhatsApp Business app has been downloaded to over 100 million android devices globally. 

WhatsApp business creates a new revenue stream and improves a business’s ability to provide round-the-clock customer service.

Since its launch one year, the WhatsApp business has had 50 million businesses active daily on the WhatsApp business app. Of these, 15 million are Indian businesses, and we can say that roughly one crore Indian businesses are using WhatsApp for business. 

India and Brazil are the biggest markets for the WhatsApp business now. 84% of customers assume that WhatsApp assists them in interacting with customers. 80% of SMEs think that WhatsApp assists them in reaching their business goals to grow their business.

WhatsApp Business app empowers businesses to answer FAQs and offers QR codes to customers to chat with businesses. However, some restrictions on using WhatsApp businesses hinder large businesses from using it properly. Later WhatsApp Business API was launched to cover those limitations with high volume message sharing, chat or integration, multiple live chat support, and many more advanced features.

WhatsApp Features Statistics

WhatsApp, from its inception, has been continuously working on adding or improving extra features that help businesses communicate and engage their customers.

As per Statista’s study of 3 months, WhatsApp chats and calls are the most dominant WhatsApp features among users. Followed by sharing texts, images, GIFs, videos, and more.  

popular whatsapp features

Using WhatsApp Business API, businesses can utilize these features in a  combination of one or the two to engage their customers, such as images with clickable buttons.

Reasons to contact businesses on WhatsApp.

Generally, customers end up with businesses for not getting their queries resolved. And they are more curious to have such a platform where they can communicate directly and get an instant response to their queries. WhatsApp is such a platform that can fulfill its purpose. 

The chart below will help you understand why to use WhatsApp to contact businesses. 

reason to contact business on whatsapp

As per the chart, 54% of users opt for WhatsApp to track orders and get delivery updates, followed by webinars and event notifications, appointments a preference of 50% of users.

39% of users opt for  WhatsApp as a channel for customer service, while 23% of users utilize it to receive promotional offers on WhatsApp.

Thus we can say from the above stats of WhatsApp that it’s gradually becoming the most preferred platform for users to receive notifications, newsletters, offers, updates, and much more. 

User-generated Benefits of WhatsApp for Business

user generated benefits of WhatsApp for Business

As per users, 33% preferred WhatsApp because they don’t need to wait for a  long time to respond to their raised queries or tickets by mail or website. 

WhatsApp allows customers to share various media content such as images, PDFs, videos, GIFs, etc. That attracts the customers to use WhatsApp as their point of contact with businesses. Also, customers enjoy personalized conversations with individual attention without needing an extra amount for customer service.

WhatsApp Business API Statistics

Whatsapp business API is well known for its advanced features that help businesses overcome their challenges with the  WhatsApp business app. 

Let’s have a look at some jaw-dropping statistics on WhatsApp business API.

WhatsApp’s open rate is high when compared to other channels. 

Even though SMS and email have been used for a long time, the open rates of WhatsApp are high.

whatsapp vs email and sms open rate

As per the  MailChimp report, emails and SMS have an open rate of 21.33%. CTR call-through-rates are even less, with 2-5% for the links added in the mails. 

In contrast, WhatsApp’s open rate is 98%; this shows that WhatsApp has the highest available rates, and there is no other channel comparison for that.

Up to 45-60% Click-through & Conversion Rate

There is no doubt that WhatsApp has a good open rate compared to other channels. But getting opened and read by the customers is not enough; in the end, conversion matters greatly.

conversion rate whatsapp vs email

The conversion rate is a meager 2-5% when we talk about SMS and Email. Whereas WhatsApp has a modest conversion rate of 45-60%.

That’s something of great achievement for businesses to get 44-60 leads for every 100 messages sent, and it makes an unbelievable transformation in the overall ROI for businesses.

45-60% Abandoned Carts & Application Drop-Offs Recovered

Abandoned carts (customers leave the item in the cart without purchase) and drop-off ( user goes in between an application signup process for any course, policies, etc.) are the main areas businesses must focus on to improve. 

WhatsApp can help businesses to overcome these challenges. Communication and engagement with WhatsApp allow businesses to recover 45-60% of abandoned carts and application drop-offs. It’s proven with our clients.

WhatsApp Chatbots Statistics

Automation helps every business in carrying out its various business operations. When it comes to marketing and sales, automation plays a vital role. For instance – it helps the brands to be available to customers round the clock to answer their queries and provide appropriate solutions to their issues, only the complex queries left to the human agents. 

Here we have jotted down some WhatsApp Chatbot statistics that prove to be the future of WhatsApp Marketing:

67% of customers across the globe used a chatbot for customer support the previous year.

According to the business insider intelligence report- businesses in various industries can save up to $11 billion annually by 2023 because of a decrease in administrative tasks. 

With the use of WhatsApp chatbots, businesses and customers will save 2.5 billion hours by 2023.

WhatsApp chatbot comes with various features that reduce businesses’ overall burden on operations like sales, marketing, and customer support. Moreover, due to the pandemic, people prefer to resolve their queries online instead of in one-on-one office meetings. 

People that presently depend on WhatsApp Chatbot

In 2020, 67% of people depended on WhatsApp chatbots for customer support. Even WHO used the WhatsApp chatbot to convey information and solutions to Covid-19 globally.

$11 Billion in savings with a chatbot

Business Insider Intelligence reports suggest industries such as banking, finance, healthcare, and retail will save $11 billion by deploying WhatsApp chatbot for administrative tasks. However, more information is needed to prove the same. 

2.5 Billion hours saved with WhatsApp Chatbot

According to 2023 reports, businesses can save 2.5 billion hours using the WhatsApp chatbot. 

If you’re new to WhatsApp chatbot or want to leverage WhatsApp chatbot for your business. You can take the assistance of our Smatbot team. You can even go for a 14 days free trial.

Using Smatbot, you can integrate a smart AI-based WhatsApp chatbot that can automate most of the sales and marketing team tasks and leave only complex queries to human agents without coding requirements


The above-stated statistics on WhatsApp for business must be known for every marketer to use the right marketing channel for their business. 

WhatsApp Business API helps SMEs, and even large businesses send bulk and unique messages to multiple devices. 

Most businesses have already adopted WhatsApp as their marketing channel.

These jaw-dropping stats on WhatsApp for businesses might have changed your mind to adopt WhatsApp to your business as early as possible. Smatbot team is here to assist you in starting with it.