First What is a chatbot

A chatbot is an automated conversational agent based on artificial intelligence software that interacts with users in a natural language, usually over the Internet. It is the most visible tool of artificial intelligence application that has gained popularity in little to no time. 

What Do On-Premise mean

On-premise solutions are software located within the premises(physical locations) of an enterprise, mostly in the company’s data centre rather than on hosted servers or in the cloud.



Why someone needs ‘On-Premise chatbots’

By running software within the premises of the company, Their staff has physical access to the data and can directly control, configure, manage their data and can have very high security for their computing infrastructure and data.

There are many advantages to this type of solutions and they are depicted below

1. Security

A lot of companies host their chatbot solutions on the cloud(SaaS). This allows cloud providers to have direct control over their servers, data and security systems. This means that your data may not be secure in the cloud and may encounter cyber-attacks and security breaches.

On the other hand, chatbot hosted on-premises aren’t completely invulnerable, yet companies can at least decide whom to allow access and whom to restrict.

2. Decreases costs

The cost with on-premise chatbots is more initially, but in the long run, the cost of ownership may end up much lesser, compared to the cloud. For on-premise chatbot solutions, you eliminate direct costs and the only pay your energy and maintenance costs. So think before you choose chatbot solutions for your business, focus on the total cost of ownership instead of upfront costs.

3. Customizability

Cloud solutions integrate well with popular third-party applications and software but aren’t good providing you the flexibility needed for your customized in house solutions. You don’t have to discard your applications tailored to your business because as the on-premise system offers you customization options for working these chatbots into your existing workflows.

4. Code Control

Cloud is appreciated for its high flexibility, but the chatbot deployed on the cloud is subject to changes with decisions made by the vendor. Enterprises deploy chatbot solutions with a long-term plan in mind. And, if the problems arise from the vendor’s side, there might be repercussions. Having an on-premises chatbot removes these roadblocks and you can alter the code whenever needed.

5. Data Control

Chatbot handles confidential information like employee details, customer details, accounts, logistics and other business information with significant value. When a chatbot is deployed in house, you have control over security and access measures. Since your chatbot is not connected to any external network here, the chances of your confidential data getting leaked are significantly lower.


How do you go about with On-Premise chatbots?



1. Optimized Code:

Look at chatbot solutions that have better-optimized code for efficiently and fastness. Meaning, having negligible lag irrespective of the number of people using the bot simultaneously even on a decent system configuration which makes it easier for you to scale in the long run.

2. Chatbot Builder:

Building chatbots requires a lot of skills if you need to programme it. Since it is very resource-intensive, having a visual flow builder can make the job easier. In this way, even the most non-technical person in your organization can build a sophisticated bot. You can choose between multiple different builders from different chatbot providers like drag and drop, graph view, click to add etc.

3. Analytics:

Having a chatbot is just not enough, You need to analyzing everything from session times to chats initiated, user drop-off points to visitor timing charts. The better information you have regarding your bot performance higher your chances of making it better. Having everything you need to analyze at your fingertips takes you a long way.

4. Future Enhancements:

When you get an on remise solution for your enterprise your engagement shouldn’t stop there. Since your chatbot provider will keep on improving the platform, having lifetime support can get you future updates/patches to your chatbot. In this way, you can stay relevant and keep your chatbot up to date with the current market trends.

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Whether you deploy your chatbot on-premises or on the cloud, a lot of factors need to be considered like security level, customization, vendor dependency etc. And chatbot solutions have so much to make your business more efficient, productive.

So, make the right choice and have the right method to deploy your chatbot. With multiple different chatbot providers available in the market it is for you to decide which makes the most sense for your business in the long run.